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April 2010

Creative Director:s Rj Warren, Paul Hancock

Print advertisment created by DLKW, United Kingdom for COI, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

He didn't have any so he didn't get any.
Want respect? Use a condom.

Advertising Agency: DLKW, UK
Art Director: Dylan Hewitt
Copywriter: John Comber
Illustrators: Ryca, Jimi Crayon, Teck 1, Alfa
Photographer: Angus Fraser

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haha..haaaaa..... love this campaign!!!


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I really don't like this campaign. As one of my friends put it: "The series implies that for women, the biggest reason to use a condom is to prevent the negative consequences of unprotected sex. But for men, "not getting any" is the worst-case scenario. It's also interesting that the womens' environments are a lot more sinister than the man's."

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Very interesting point of view. I´m agree with you

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I like the campaign. It's just a new approach to communicating the importance of using condoms. In the past, the focus was on the consequences of unprotected sex (getting STD's or unwanted pregnancies); now it's on the risk of losing your peers' respect (that's a sensitive subject for most teenagers). I'm not sure if this campaign would do much to change teens' sexual practices, but at least it's a refreshingly different take on an old subject. ps: When I saw the word "tosser", I could immediately tell this was done in the UK.

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Cool campaign

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Love the whole campaign.

@Inesta - as harsh as it may sound for many teenage boys it is more likely that this campaign will have an effect if the message is: "No condom = no sex" - that is a scary thought for many teenage boys who think about sex 90% of the time. Equally, the message "No condom = teenage pregnancy, people talking about you, etc" is a scary thought for many teenage girls who are obsessed with their image. It doesn't really matter if you don't get or like the message - as long as its target audience of teenagers gets the message then the campaign has done its job.

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Everybody's doin' it. Ya might as well play it safe. Good ad. It's got good street-cred.
And it's targeted to the right audience. Young men with hyper-active libidos.

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I love sperm typography!

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really cool art direction