Recycle, 2

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November 2008

Print advertisment created by Miami Ad School, Brazil for Coca-Cola, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Use your imagination and recycle. Our future depends on it.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, São Paulo, Brazil
Art Director: Caio Tezoto
Copywriter: André Gomes

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julymonster's picture
Activity Score 52

Can't imagine such kind of kiddish ideas with this brand

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Crisp One
Activity Score 2005

you know, now that I see this one, and the next,and if your sticking to your guns, and not changing your big idea. I think it almost might be better if the item drawn around the can were more complex, like not toy-ish looking, but almost the real thing, but in the same style of AD.

Cuz your right, its kiddish, doesn't impress me on what my Coke can could one day be. Even though we know the truth is in all reality it will just be another coke can when its recycled.

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Guest commenter

not bad

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Javier Ramírez
Activity Score 1243

Me recuerda la campaña de Pepsi, la del reciclaje.
La gráfica, bastante triste comparada con la campaña de Coca.

Chief Creative Director Nexus BBDO

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Guest commenter

Maldita sea Cabrón, deja de ser tan porquería, dedícate a mejorar tu trabajo en lugar de criticar sin fundamentos. Y por última vez, ya deja de poner el mismo apestoso comentario en todas las piezas de una campaña, mediocre!

Activity Score 1838

I dig these! Fun and simple. A straightforward way to sell a coke.

We're going to need more lube.

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Activity Score 1404

this is a lazy way to sell coke.

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Guest commenter

tocar el lado tierno que cada uno llevamos dentro, de una manera tan sencilla
hace que el mensaje llegue y sea muy fácil de recordar.

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Activity Score 10

Good o' Coca Cola!

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the funny part of this is that Coke cans are the only cans that are not recyclable in Brazil (the home country of the designers).