Fusion, Chemistry

February 2010

Student project completed in the fall semester of 2009. An advertising campaign for Coke Blak with a focus on the fusion of two American classics.

Chemistry, not rocket science
Somedays getting out of bed can seem impossible. With over a coffee cup’s worth of caffeine, Blak’s fusion of coffee and Coke gives you the energy you need to wake-up. Coke Blak: the simple solution to a complicated morning.

Creative Director / Art Director / Copywriter: Ryan smith
Photographer: Joseph Victor Stefanchik (

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Activity Score 641


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Seriously... GO AWAY!!!!!

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Please... you killing the greatest brand in the world with this "crap"

Simple ideas are the best !

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Is that milk or is it coke or is it paint? Why does the whole ad looks dirty? How does this show that it's the solution to a complicated morning? Is it an energy drink (mmmmmmhmm.....)? I don't get composition. Why does it have to break? How does it show chemistry? Why focus on caffeine? Why are killing the brand? Would it work without the visual--purely headline ad? You can hardly read the copy and the headline. The copy is too explanatory. It doesn't show the rush one feels when drinking Coke. What's bad.