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Seems similar to this Vick's print ad:
but this is no where near as good.

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Totally agree

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is the left side of the photo really necessary?
I think not.

but yeah... really close to Vick's.

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Agree with the other comments up here. I like it anyway.

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but oil of olays "tock, tick" is better.
its not exactly the same, but similar...

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Gorilla Lover
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Nice n' forced.

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Disagree with the comments. The left side is justified for its probably a double-page ad. Beautifully poetic - not forced.

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ok, nice photo and another way how to show the time is still but is this really a way how to sell this product to TA or just another "clever" strike among the ad community?

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very good job!! Well done!!

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I have seen it in a commercial , the product settles and stops the hands of the clock.


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Does anyone think this copy could be better?

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Send you skin back in time.

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Done. See Cannes Lions Archive. No prize by the way.

Award: No Prize
Year: 2006
Category: A08 Cosmetics & Beauty
Title: CLOCK
Advertiser: O BOTICARIO
Product or Service: VITACTIVE FACE CREAM
Advertising Agency: ALMAPBBDO
Country: BRAZIL
Creative Director: Marcello Serpa
Copywriter: Roberto Pereira
Art Director: Luiz Sanches
Account Supervisor: Fico Meirelles/Izabela Villaca
Photographer: Andreas Heiniger
Advertiser Supervisor: Marcia Magno
Entrant Company: ALMAPBBDO

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i hope it's a double page ad cos that would give the layout so much sense. ((otherwise, i didn't have to see the left side of the vanity.))

i think it's really witty, though. i like it a lot.