June 2007

The same sensation, but in mini.
Snickers mini

Advertising Agency: Tiempo BBDO, Madrid, Spain
Executive Creative Director / Creative Director: Andres Martinez Echeverria
Copywriter: Martin Subercaseux
Art Director: Artemio Buneta
Photographer: Michael Selley
Producer: Mayte Carabias
Account Supervisors: Maria Lopez Chicheri, Rocio Abarca

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creative420's picture
Activity Score 279

Ha ha.. this is funny.. but bad execution..

futura's picture
Activity Score 148

It's ok, agree on bad execution one.

Swissy's picture
Activity Score 44

I like the idea for sure but agree with the bad execution.

Pacific Blue's picture
Pacific Blue
Activity Score 335

Why bad execution?
Anyone can give me details about the execution?

chintan ruparel's picture
chintan ruparel
Activity Score 1516

if u observe closely, the sky texture on the extreme left looks majorly photoshopped.

next, the mountain part and the grass also look kinda fake n forcefully put 2geder.

again, the guy wid d rope looks quite out of place with the colour scheme and size.

finally, i feel a packshot would've worked much better instead of the logo...and the typesize could've been smaller

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

otto54's picture
Activity Score 381

now those are very useless comments.
who cares about the photoshopped extreme left or the grass and whatelse.
the idea works and the result is a shortlist in cannes...
i have seen this printed and there are no fake n forcefully detail in the whole image.

puppiepoppy's picture
Activity Score 1634

I think this got a metal in Cannes, not just shortlisted.

I liked it and felt it's kinda humorous! Love it. I guess you guys need to go up to the Cannes website to view the better color version of the ad.

ivan's picture

Oh, man! How refreshing to see such detailed critique. (guys:hint..hint;)

Jumo's picture
Activity Score 592

+1 !!

Art Director FP7 Morocco

oshe's picture
Activity Score 852

Really really good. Creative but direct, direct but creative. Good and hard job


juliangray's picture
Activity Score 987

i dont agree, i think the main problem is that the feeling that you get climbing a mountain is not the same that climbing a rock. the adrenaline, the rush is the most important thing.

i dont hate the concept but this execution doesnt trasmit it in a clear way.

Rog's picture
Activity Score 6080

That is a seriously clunky line/idea.
So, if that scored Cannes...then it just gave me a mini sensation.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

Ad Junkie At Large's picture
Ad Junkie At Large
Activity Score 554

agreed, "but in a mini" sounds akward, it sounds like it should be an everyday expression, but it's not

liar's picture
Activity Score 384

The copy should not be in cap, rather a mini copy, or subscript.

fluffy's picture
Activity Score 236

I like the idea, but the execution could be better. Another photo and teeny tiny copy.

afterbyrne's picture
Activity Score 205

Made me smile.

Joe76's picture
Activity Score 762

Me like it :)

moussaka07's picture
Activity Score 2

Made me smile yes, but i have to agree there should have been a pack shot, more than the logo there. :)

Maxwedge's picture
Activity Score 558

Agree with comments above re type and pack even if a mini-pack shot would have been tricky to show a size comparison. At first glance looks like he's climbing a dinosaur turd in some horrible cold field, but nice and lateral concept. The Ad I mean.