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better art direction or innovative use of photography coulda saved this borderline 'alright' idea.

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Why is a bad idea??? it´s a rememberable image of how strong the hair can be, even if the situation is unrealistic. How does come 2 chics in that situation...

Good hair can be life-essential for beautyfull women, like shoes ;) and so the campaign is a metapher for that good hair saves a women life.

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i luv ur interpretation of the ad

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tired - the ad does nothing to explain why these two ladies, dressed semi-formally, are even hanging from a cliff to begin with. Where did they come from? Why are they there?

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original doodles + creative sweat =

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Just saw this ad. ou are spot on again. They could have been dressed for trekking not a party. But this idea of the hair being attached should have gone with the other two.

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rememberable is not a work Ms. Chriscos. Second why are they wearing night dresses in a hike???3rd In my opinion keep hair strong is not a good strategy.

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dear hernen,

it doesn´t matter why wearing night dresses in hike or elsewhere, fact is, the image hurts. women are more sensual than men. and images that hurts in the eye, can be better memorized than perfected balanced images. i think strong hair is good strategy, especially in malaysia where the enviroment is rougher than in western countrys. there are enough "makes your hair beautyfully shine all the day" concepts.

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im not someone in the industry, but to me, it looks like they are having a catfight and thats all.

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Is a very bad concept, i think, bad execution, if i'm a girl, and going to hiking... why should i dress like going to shopping... think about it... too forced...and last comment, the girl that pulling her hair, looks like standing, not falling, am i correct? Correct me if i'm wrong..

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@ kanya

i don´t think these girls are supposed to hike. it´s a "think further" image and TF images are ad killers. i don´t know why they are hanging around and i don´t care about it. of course if one don´t understand a ad, negative feelings about the product will rise. maybe in asia this a typical diner party situation. anyway they have a strong climate and strong climate demands strong hair.

but malaysian hair ads are strange in someway :

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good job... funny

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I think too is a good idea and have real meaning

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