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The only thing wrong with the "original 7 wonders" per se was that all but the Great Pyramid have been destroyed.

Why do we need a NEW 7 wonders? For tourism revenue.

This entire commercialization process pissed me off. The New 7 Wonders organization is even a profit-making enterprise.

I wouldn't want to be associated with it.

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Pyramids are out of the competition
Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.
Pablo Picasso

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.
Pablo Picasso

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wanna know

Say you donot like COKE or PEPSI... if they comes to u to work for them will u reject?

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What does that have to do with Coke or Pepsi? I'm talking about the commandeering of some rather poignant history for no reason other than profit.

Would you consider it in good taste if a corporation decided to rename a big fence in Chile as the Iron Curtain in order to make their gift shop more popular?

The seven world wonders were all amazing feats of human achievement. They deserve to be remembered and celebrated not forgotten because a for-profit entity wanted to make a buck off what is essentially re-branding.

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You are absolutely right

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Commercialization? Wake up dude, the last i know, this site is still called adsoftheworld!

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mumtaz mahal

I agree with shahjahanji! I like the ad. I love the Taj. I love Cristiano Ronaldo (is he a soccer player?).

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(move the mouse through the banner)
Smart and Funny Signature.

It's so easy to critic.

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no one's said.. done before?? well here goes. DOne before. this thing abt mouse cursors making up stuff..
nothing new.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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i have never seen the similar one did previously just like which was mentioned in the above. therefore, i do think this ad is beautiful

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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Done, done done. Nearly as much as what ink/singiture can do for charities. Lets have a competition actually to see which one has been done before. Nice art direction though

Strip. Strip. Strip.

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done done done !!

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a very pleasing visual

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very late 90s. looks like 100 other ads from the dot com days.

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Common guys what an old hack idea to begin with. "every click counts" towards what? Completing the Taj? Is it an incomplete structure? What a forced attempt at creativity...

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i agree....

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Truly eyecatching, pertinent and it works and thats what matters ultimately! It sends the message right across beautifully. Y criticize for the sake of criticizing!

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cool !!!it is very nice..