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Activity Score 24

concept & idea very good but it is may controversial.

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Activity Score 6692

you really got those? enlighten me, please! why the illustration and why so much white paper? and where is the "soft" aspect?

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Activity Score 4815

I think they used the illustration, as bad as they are, because there was no budget to pay for stock shots. I agree there's too much white space, didn't need to be a double page.

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Activity Score 294

i got the soft lenses part... but what is the clear picture part? and this one works the strongest because you never see Gandhi without his signsture glasses. but the line means what... clear picture?

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capton john
Activity Score 640

Actually idea is that these soft lenses are so good that these person used these lenses & they have no need to use spectacles. Am I right? But this idea don't fit on the punch line "soft lenses clearer picture" because it don't show any softness & not about clarity.

Think, Act, Invent.

Think, Act, Invent.

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Activity Score 138

Can anyone explain me... what's this????

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Activity Score 701

whats the need for the indian flag stripes n the visual pushed to the top left? good idea. bad art direction

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Activity Score 17

They all are famous people that used to wear glasses...without glasses you can see them better...I think...

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Activity Score 220

bad illustration

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Copied from a Lawrence and mayo campaign. Visual by visual.