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Love it, definitely catches your attention.

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Well, in this part of the world people use classified ads to sell stuff because a) they are leaving the country, b) they need money quick (maybe to leave the country), c) there is a surplus in inventory, d) they want to upgrade the car model e) it's about puppies or f) your ex-girlfriend is selling all the stuff that you left at her aparment (long story).

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you' re funny in your and many other parts of the world... and seriously yes! this is weak...

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That's what I though. But most ads aren't real, they are exaggerations. And, as long as the message is clear, I think that's ok.

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Agree with Rene Fractal... lots of people sell things because they won't want to store it, they just want the money. Imagine all those puppies stored in this huge box, or those old cars all together. Weak concept.

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Shouldn't there be a question mark at the end of that tagline?

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Not if it's a rhetorical question.

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A rhetorical question is still a question and thus would need a question mark. The fact that you ask something warrants a question mark even if you don't expect an answer.

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not bad

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Ad Junkie At Large
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Rene is definatly right, this does have wholes, it also had room for a twist at the end so it kinda seems like a first thought idea to me.

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dean viii
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Ripped off from someone who sent their portfolio there in response to a job opening. Never send your portfolio to this agency or the people listed above. Or hire them.

Not only that, it's a bad rip off. It's just bad logic for this product.

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I have actually heard that this CD there does rip off ads... Not that is a great one to rip off, but interesting how for an agency that claims to be ALL social, this is how and what they get into the ad-o-sphere.