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May 2010

Print advertisment created by DDB, Dominican Republic for Claro, within the category: Media.

HD as no other

Advertising Agency: Cazar DDB, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Creative Director: Salvador Lister
Art Director: Kriss Suarez
Copywriter: Salvador Lister, Manuela Rondon
Illustrator: Kriss Suarez
Additional credits: Hans Daniel, Tonny Molina

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Lil de
Activity Score 48

These flying papers look so unrealistic. Forcing it too much

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yo ivan,
this ain't fit for the archive page, man!
sooooo like, DONE!!!

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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Tirtho do you remember a long back (at least 3 years or more) A Print Ad of LG/Samsung (Not sure now, who actually) was running in national magazine where a Gunman shot on TV screen but and fish aquarium was pierced in drawing room. Do you remember ?


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

ivan's picture

Okey, okey! :)

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Old...and bored

Hiperion's picture
Activity Score 3138

Ivan, the transalation of copy is wrong...

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Activity Score 8532

Somehow this is the only one I like. HD is not about characters in movies reaching (lighting, punching, shooting spiderwebs) into your home. It is about YOU feeling what is happening in their world, you are interested in their world - not the other way around. The wind of a hurricane is much more closer to the meaning of 'realistic experience'.

FourT6and2's picture
Activity Score 218

Yes, but the idea of HD televisions being "so realistic" that the images almost "come to life" is such an overdone and outdated concept. Every HD tv ad out there has touched upon this concept at one point or another. It's not new, exciting, intelligent, engaging or entertaining.

capywriter's picture
Activity Score 5509

totally agree, it's all about the experience.

alejulimaty's picture
Activity Score 842

damn this is bad

cristian's picture
Activity Score 18

Really bad idea. Worst execution.

Shingo's picture
Activity Score 408

done before, there are a little things wrong in the art direction

POWER BOY's picture
Activity Score 40

so good

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Activity Score 1601

I think EVERYTHING is wrong with this ad. The photoshop work, the perspective of the book, placement of logos, terrible tag line, etc. If you're going with photorealism, make sure your photography is dead on!!! And yes, this has been done over a million five hundred times.

I think, therefore... yeah.