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June 2010

Print advertisment created by Link, Italy for City of Nettuno, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Get a dose of personality. Be different, say NO to drugs.
Promoted by the City of Nettuno.

Advertising Agency: Link, Anzio, Roma, Italy
Creative Director: Hilde Capra
Art Director: Valerio Cicco
Copywriter: Edoardo Loster
Photographer: Domenico Apruzzo

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cebado's picture
Activity Score 256

Che, medio que nos damos cuenta que está todo puesto asi nomas, a ver si se ponen un poco las pilas con el arte x favor!!! O traten de hacerlo menos choto :D

Reality Check's picture
Reality Check
Activity Score 2539

From sheep to sheep, we've been there, seen that.

Sushi lover's picture
Sushi lover
Activity Score 907

I don't get it. Can anyone explain it?

Dream needs to be big!

miko1aj's picture
Activity Score 3086

sheep. they follow each other without individual thinking; actually they always follow after the shepherd's voice. Very nice animals.

atb2005's picture
Activity Score 13557

Ok, I agree that one should be different and say NO to drugs. But why would they wanna look/act like a sheep? That's stupid. The image itself however is fun.

Reality Check's picture
Reality Check
Activity Score 2539

@ atb2005

I could be off-base here, but I believe the subjects represent the drug-users, hence why they're portrayed as conformist sheep.

atb2005's picture
Activity Score 13557

No you are not off-base. Yep, you are right. That just didn't occur to me immediately. Well, in that case, I would give the campaign 2 more stars. Thanks, Reality Check!

Guest's picture

"do not follow the herd"

pez's picture
Activity Score 1804

I wanna be in that party with a sheep-mask!

Billoughsby's picture
Activity Score 5144


That's it.

ERROR404's picture
Activity Score 770

those sheep girls look hot xD

Cheerriiee's picture
Activity Score 952

poor execution.

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nspad's picture
Activity Score 96

Bad execution. To me it looks like the sheep are having a fucking awesome time - why wouldn't I wanna be in on it?

Sorry, but I'm off to that party to do coke and cut loose.

jackmancer2017's picture
Activity Score 6992

I don't see Berlusconi, where is he?

Francesco1n's picture
Activity Score 73

He is in the bedroom of course, inside that house...
: )

Guest's picture

I’m missing this wrong message.

These humans/sheeps have personality
or with drugs even sheeps can have fun in a cool swimming-pool?

Guest's picture

La metafora delle pecore per significare omologazione è scontata, banale e usata mille volte.

Be original!

Anonymous Author's picture
Anonymous Author
Activity Score 1541

Whoever created this ad was obviously tripping.

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

Guest's picture

These are cool sheeps. Fail.