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valhallenx's picture
Activity Score 92

I'm not really convinced by the photoshop work on this one...

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Activity Score 18

Correct me if i'm wrong: "Santa, make sure you got a gift for the dog too? Its an Ok-ok ad. I would agree they fell short on the photoshop work though.

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matt pugh lcc
Activity Score 20

This is something that would appear in YCN. People are getting paid to produce this. Not good

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Activity Score 12

This is really bad photoshopping work.

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deacon -54-
Activity Score 34

the irony really comes from the fact that a golden retriever are probably the worst guard dogs in the world. toss them a bone (literally) and that's it they're done. and i don't get it.

i normally don't get it.

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Activity Score 41

Not convincing at all!


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Activity Score 110

I think all of you should photoshop the one fired by golden willy and agency.

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Activity Score 2029

bad ad. idea not funny, execution not good.

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bara bara baez
Activity Score 148


jacopo's picture
Activity Score 29

i love it. super cute, but i also think that the art direction is not perfectly done... but the ad is super nice!

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Activity Score 177

i think that'q quite romance and sad,but the idea express is not strong enough