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every colour tells a story, haha
looks good until you dig deeper

unless asianpaints is producing food coloring, i don't think it's telling any story here

has mum painted my icecream with chemical colors and why was someone biting into this color contaminated piece of cake?

again something quite mediocre from Piyush Pandey

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if every color tells a story, why put the bite in the billboard. I mean, the color should be enough.

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Because the colour looks like chocolate so you want to take a bite...
Anyway, it's a very poor rip-off of a South African Dulux Paint campaign that won many awards awhile back

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I hardly find the relation between this two.

Any color you can think vs. every color tells a story.

My point with this ad is that the bite is what actually is telling the story, not the color.

on a strategic level, i don't find the relevance on that promise.

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Dick Huges
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boring... i wont even bother commenting this one... And btw... Can someone send me like the indian "Time" or the indian "Vogue" magazine just so I can see what kind of ads are on it? Because I really dont think that these indian ads that appear here in AoTw are the ones going to the streets. Simply because 90% of them make no sense at all and wouldn't sell anything but the creative's portfolio. When I see India, Brazil, Spain, Singapore ads I look to them with different eyes. Sorry. I didnt mean to hurt anyone inside.

And I said I would not comment this ad.

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I entirely disagree with you Dick Huges, I think the plain straightforward simplicity of these ads is their strength, and fail to see how this connects with all Indian, etc. (the long list of counries you listed)

Perhaps it is just that you have a Narrow Mind, Dick Huges.

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nice strategy... i liked it.

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The idea could have been so much more if the copy wasn't so easy.

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Killer Kowalski
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Every ad tells a story too - for example the story about wasting the clients money.

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Every colour? It's more like every shape tells a story.

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that's the point - they failed to express it with the colours

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kowalskis bro
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yo killa, how is it going?

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I don't think its worth commenting.

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Radoslav Minchev
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not freedom like a shopping card

It's my job to keep punk rock elite

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SCAM. totally scam. there has to be the frame visible from where the bite is.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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nice...but it need more work to be better

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maybe it works better in magazine.

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Taste chocolate business card

search in google...

find ne resembles???? HUH??