Australia five-day tour

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February 2008

Print advertisment created by David, Taiwan for China Airlines, within the category: Transport.

China Airlines refined travel.
Less is more.

Advertising Agency: David Advertising, Taipei, Taiwan
Creative Director: Akae Wang
Art Directors / Illustrators: Brian Chiang, Aska Chuang
Copywriters: Eva Cheng, Ethan Wei

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i get it, but find the execution agreed

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I find the red line a better trip

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agree. with the red trip you get to see more of australia.

The madman thinks he is sane. I know I am mad. -- Pablo Picasso

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wow, how'd you figure THAT, Einstein???

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So, he/she said exactly what we all thought, and that makes them subject to your retarded sarcasm? Get over yourself.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Melbourne is one of the most beautiful, underrated cites on earth! (I just wanted to get it out.)

China Airlines travel < Karaoke bus tour

Nuff said.

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is this good in china?

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Blessed Besse
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it looks liek a butt!

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I am used to with absurd drama, poetry, story!!! but now a day got to be familiar with absurd advertisement....

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Idea 1/10
Intelligence 1/10
Map accuracy 1/10

Hasn't Google Earth arrived in Taiwan yet?

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The karaoke trip looks a lot more fun... I get to ride in a chopper and sing like Elvis.

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Blair Semenoff
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Don't get it, with China Airlines you only get to see Sydney but if you pick the bus tour you see the entire island, get drunk and sing Karaoke...I pick the bus!!

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Just once to see a map of Australia that also includes Tasmania. But I ask too much.

Other than that, the whole 'ass' of Australia and (I assume) 'penis' of Italy is pretty awful. Bad design and overall bad idea that feels more insulting to the country involved than anything else.

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"less is more" isn't right at all, if you're offering less for more then you'd likely skip South Australia all together.