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kudos to dave brady!

seems like they're going to make sausage out of the chicken. but how should this "come naturally"?

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Not quite there with this one.
Henny Penny perhaps... somehow?
LOVE Bambi.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Wahey. MJ's favourite brand of sausages.

Complete with "come" naturally too.

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Though usually not without alcohol first.

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nice illustration :)

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Agree, cool graphics..
*Uy.. Noypi? san k?

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These kids are doing something bad, like killing the chiken or the bambi, if that is a"natural" thing, then one must assume that the sausages are bad also... if natural means something bad, the sausages are bad. This of course regarding to Aristoteles logic.

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the boy on the right is holding an axe to kill the chicken. this one is the weakest. the connection between herbs and chicken is not strong.

the illustration is lovely but ruins the communication. there are too much excess elements in the ad like blooming flowers, butterflies and birds. distract the focus from the checken and herbs the boys are holding. remember that sometimes 'style kills'.

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I like this... Wickedly funny.


Because great designs need no further explanation.

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kinda gay visual... 2 boy caught a chicken... thinking of sausages... (O_O")

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2 'naughty' boys holding 'cock', dreaming of 'sausages'. LOL

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Hehehehee, I thought that too.


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this make no sense to me.
that campaign can do anyone here feel desire to taste this... sausage??

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Guest commenter

the worst ad ever!!!