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hum....what? somebody please explain this to me? i don't get it, what's

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Famous characters from the movies that don't usually speak clearly
were given a voice. With Sony Headphones you'll hear anything.

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thank you :). i only know mr.bean, shame..:P
but didn't think of the relation until you say it.

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u don't know chewbacca? from star wars?

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haha, yes i don't watch starwars. weird isn't it? but i really didn't watch starwars.
i don't usually like wars movie.

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why ppl handle d big account like this...?

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But why is the character quoting that the headphones deliver amazing sound? Mixed up thought. Not thought through.

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Yeah, I agree, I like the thinking behind this, but I only got it once ivan explained it.

It has the makings of a good concept, but not here.

Perhaps in TV where Chewbacca is speaking really clearly it would work better.


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PaulyG_fill in ...
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I agree, this would be so much better if it wasn't a testimonial from the character. What would have been better is if they took one of Chewy's howling rants from Star Wars and made it clear - Raaa Raa Waaaaaggghghhgh!! - "This suit fucking itches!"

Then there'd be a copy line that says something like "We hear you loud and clear."

They also could have done one with R2-D2 and made sense of his beeps and whistles. They'd be more consistent.

maybe not. All I know is this doesn't work for me.

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I agree 100%. It's like they're mixing up two ideas: making the character's voice clear, and having the character say something about the product. It would have been great if Chewey just said "Get off my foot, Han!"

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This campaign has a similar concept but much better execution.
BBDO Chile - Sony Genezi
The line says something like this:
"If you never heard them, now you will."

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:s very bad.. very disappointing.. this should not be put even in the forum

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Tonic do some nice work, but this one really should have stayed in the drawer.

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Agreed. I've seen brilliant from Tonic and this isn't it. Perhaps we have high expectations.

Tonic is considered one of the best "agencies" in Dubai.
However, a lot of people don't know Vincent Raffray IS tonic.
I know there's an AD here but (i've heard) the creative thinking is pretty much single-handed.

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first of all: its extremely hard to get
second: imho it soooo doesn't fit sony's image

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i think this is guud. lots of internets.

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Totally confusing. If an ad's going to be this hard to figure out, the payoff better be well worth it. This one isn't.

And I'm sure you got permission from George Lucas to use a copyrighted property.

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Wow, I really want to buy a set of those. Not.

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the reason Chewy sounds garbled is that he is speaking his own language. So unless these headphones are actually akin to babelfish (not the altavista variety) then the message is not only off but probably will piss off some serious Star Wars fans too (I apologize in advance for the extreme geekiness of this post).

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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haha, I was a huuuuge star wars fan growing up, and agree with you 100%. It's not a translator.

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this is forced.