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May 2007

Print advertisment created by Duval Guillaume, Belgium for Ché Magazine, within the category: Media.

Keep on dreaming of a better world.
Ché Men's Magazine

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buy by bye's picture
buy by bye
Activity Score 534

i really like her hair style!

thank you ivan for helping me find a new hair style!!!

ivan's picture

Being a girl, you're taking this sexist ad well. ;)

buy by bye's picture
buy by bye
Activity Score 534

sexism only exists in peoples head.

a picture(or an ad) can't make people change thier minds if they weren't a sexist to begin with if ya know what i mean.

ivan's picture

Wow! Very wise. I'll quote you.

buy by bye's picture
buy by bye
Activity Score 534

I'm honoured.

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and men"s magazines

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Activity Score 255

i'll agree to that myself.(i'm a girl too:-)

It's just that ads like that reinforce peoples' arguments AGAINST advertising in the sense that this kind of ads reinforce some social stereotypes about how men see women etc. I'm not saying this is what ads do. I'm saying that the people who blame advertising will see it that way.

I love the concept but most of all the one with the affair.

"there's nothing more difficult than a line"p.picasso

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i agree with buy by bye's initial thought that is...

"there's nothing more difficult than a line"p.picasso

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The 1...

Lot of people here will agree with u, And even more...
Why only Hair style, What about.... and .... and....
Oh about the commercial....
Good Concept...


Thinking what to think

buy by bye's picture
buy by bye
Activity Score 534

the rest is good too, but i am happy with mine so.. only hair for me i am afraid :P

itch's picture
Activity Score 806 hehe

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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Activity Score 503

A lot of timewasting chitchat going on here!

Fail Harder.

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Activity Score 368

Least impressive one in the serie. 5/10

"Everyday is one short life"

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me thinks
Activity Score 722

Yep, right.

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Activity Score 1047

Totally. The other two are grounded in reality, whereas this feels contrived. The model almost saves it.

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Activity Score 953

Why didn't they think of a Playstation like thaaat. Sigh!
~~be cool eh!~~

~~this paranoid survived!~~

Chris's picture
Activity Score 1935

Id give it a hard drive.

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too easy dhhuh

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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This campaign was shortlisted at Clio. I liked it, but... the two other executions are better.

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The Name of this Model?

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why do you show porn picture and claim that sex only exist in peoples' minds.