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Activity Score 1517

Honestly, i don't appreciate this campaign.
I understood it right away, but taking an image, erasing all the rest leaving some details (with a random linear shape) doesn't seem alright to me. Besides... All those colors with one pen? Naaaaaaa, don't bite it!

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Activity Score 278

i think the art direction makes it interesting. the color of the pen does throw it off though.

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Activity Score 2822

i like this campaign alot.

Smart thinking, looks good.


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Activity Score 1142

i don't get the whole story with the lines they make, i only saw a tiny part of a picture.
this time of highlighting is dangerous ya, cause you'll assuming before you get the whole picture with is scary.

I don't like this campaign.

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Activity Score 133

Germany: 12 points, allemagne: 12 points!

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Activity Score 1454

I like it a lot.
The visual translates the message very well.
Nice art direction as well

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Activity Score 286

the colours throw you off only in this execution cos the picture is more graphic, but the other 2 are much clearer. I think its a neat campaign...simple and to the point. works for me.

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Activity Score 626

i love these. clean, simple. A+

I think we're splitting hairs here over the "colour of the pen"

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Activity Score 571

Very good idea! Congratulations!

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Activity Score 1645

its the Cliff Notes of Cliff Notes. Why even read the book to enlighten yourself when you can watch the video?

... its already been done...

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Advertising Pawn
Activity Score 419

I love this. Clean. Neat.


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Activity Score 13

Wonderful idea.Nicely done!

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Activity Score 39
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Activity Score 2822

Tis similar indeed, but not the same.

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Activity Score 172

I think this one, as well as other ads on here, are sometimes taken too literally

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Activity Score 6080

Very much agreed, AriesDW.
Leave things open to interpretation.
Gets more people interested and involved.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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No fixed abode
Activity Score 380

Not a copy.

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Activity Score 84

Pretty cool idea. I kinda wonder about the images behind the marker. I might have chosen more compelling "stories" but all-in-all its a pretty sweet idea.

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Activity Score 987

actually this guy is not geting the whole story. Is covering most of it. He is understands it but is not getting the full story with all the details. Wrong copy there.

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Activity Score 86

I prefer not to use script. Just show 3 or 4 parts of some famous imagery on white any places.
i.e. ear of ..., hand of ... , river of .... = Monalisa.
What do u think?