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haha, that is true!

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I'm not sure I get the joke, is it subverting the English national stereotype that we can't be bothered to learn another language? Or is it straight up what it says?

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Well, I don't know about this one.... Even if French don't speak very well English / Spanish / German, at least they try! While in the US, people don't even give a s**t about learn any other language, since they are living "in the center of the world" and are rarely aware that outside of the US all the people don't speak English...
But anyway, this campaign is really funny!

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the logo typography reminds me of MICROSOFT WORD and i don't like it...check it, it's papyrus

the copy of this ad and the campaign are great

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I like where this is getting. If you don't know any French person, you won't really laugh.