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Kishore Dharmarajan's picture
Kishore Dharmarajan

Excellent work. Miles away from conventional sporting ads.

Brainsugar's picture
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I don't really understand.
Is it about tactic?
Is it about fear?
is it about your favorite sport, that we do not understand anything? ;-)
Can someone explain a little please.

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I have no clue here neither. And I've never heard of that brand. So, right now, nothing explains why it looks so crappy

Pat Bijkerk's picture
Pat Bijkerk
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I totally agree with you Kishore!

How simple do you want it?

Thisoe's picture

I don't get it too. Maybe because iam not sooo in this soccer-thing. Is this strange positioning of the players so scary for the others?

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this ain't soccer… its what usa people calls "football"
and as we don't understand that game, we don't get the concept.

Blahg's picture
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I understand American football and I don't get it either. :)

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It's pretty may understand football but you've obviously never played. People who play American Football (and who would buy the product) will see this and get it right away. The "O's" represent offense - the "X's" represent defense. The claim is also simple - wear this stuff and you'll intimidate the opposition. Great idea - with under armor, nike and reebok at the top in the market you need to do something that doesn't look like an under armor, nike or reebok ad. I love the simplicity. Kudos.

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I see a face on the chalkboard…
Can someone give us an explanation?
I'd like to agree with all these people loving it, but…

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Craig Samuelson

This is a typical American football (the only real football) coach's chalkboard. The 'O's represent office, the 'X's represent defense.

Apparently the offense so powerful that the defense is cringing in the corner like a gaggle of schoolgirls.

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If it is the explaination, Adidas made it much more interrestingly with his soccer ( THE real soccer/football/futbol) shoes Predator.
Nice words with great photos of well known footballers.

(not this one...

kb24seven's picture

Exactly. And I'd also add that I hear Europeans are accepting of differences...does that EXCLUDE the US? Just because it's not your terminology or sport or cup o' tea doesn't mean it's not good work. I miss a lot in translation of concepts here and there on the ads posted from other countries, but I keep an open mind and try to see it from another POV. Too many narrow-minded people chiming in on things OTHER than the quality of the concept or the execution. Take your social commentary to another forum. Please.

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Ok… so there was no face on the board.
Should stop smoking.

brainzed's picture
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Or just smoke more…

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wtf does it mean? :|

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For all of you that don't get it it is because you don't know American Football and thus are not the target market. When a coach draws up plays the O's represent the Offense and the X's represent the other team's Defense. The O's are so tough in their Schutt football gear that the X's are cowering in the corner. Get it? It's about American Football not Soccer.

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LOL - only American football fans can relate to this!

Great concept! I got it on my first try! LOL

Jon's picture

The X always represents the Defensive team in American football. Essentially what the ad is saying is that with the protective equipment being sold, the defense will be so scared they will all cower in the corner and the offense can play un-defended.

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well.. it works for people who knows about the sport, and i think it would be the target. So stop messing up with it just because you don't get it. Maybe you are not the target

i don't like the add at all.. there's not any concept, just a simple joke

World Football Player's picture
World Football ...

its about a silly american game. simple and meaningless, just for american people. i wonder how they enjoy that game.
the real football is the one all the world play (Ronaldinho, Messi, Shevchenko, Drogba, Eto'o, Torres, Kahn, Henry, Nakamura, J.S. Park, Figo, Totti, Owen, Van Nistelrooy, Nedved,...)

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American football is a sport that none of the mentioned players above could perform at a competitive or professional level (not even rugby players have made it) only as kickers and rarely!. Football Soccer can be played by many so its more ordinary, just like your comment. Do you think this ad was aimed at people like you? think again