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Funny. Maybe could have changed up the luck symbol...rabbit's foot, horseshoe, etc.

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I believe that the lucky charm is very well chosen. It's very transcultural

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Nice photography. Very well done even though one slowly has seen enough of condoms and similar

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i agree. the luck symbol is too monotoneus. but why sex act?arent they too many ad with sex acts?

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I think it's good that they used a clover in all the ads. First, it's green so it stands out. And second, repetition is good in advertising. It's only one tiny element, not the whole ad that's the same. I don't find it monotonous at all.

Why sex act? IT'S A CONDOM AD.

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I agree with you....

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Looks like a pretentious fashion ad. Someone should mash this up with lucky brand jeans.

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I like the idea. But it would have been better if the others had good luck charms other than a four-leaf clover. Like, a horseshoe or something.

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A condom is sooo much easier to find that a clover, a rabbits foot, or any other symbol of luck. i like the idea of not counting on luck, but visually, it doesnt make sense to be holding up these objects

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This is a french advert.
Is a rabbits foot a lucky symbol in France?

As for the horseshoe. A big hefty metal object in the above picture would imply violence not sex.

Is this supposed to be on a billboard, or to fit in to fashion magazines? If the latter it would explain the "glossy" look to the images.

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wait wait wait... is this promoting homosexuality?

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If so, what's wrong with that?