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Modal Writer
Activity Score 333

doesn't this campaign just illustrate the major weaknesses of tractor-trailer shipping?

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Activity Score 1042

good visual, but idea is so so.

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Activity Score 3376

Where's the driver? Why does it look like the truck is getting stuck in the sand?
Nice idea, but the execution needs more thought.

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Activity Score 3647

Is anyone else really impressed by the fact that the AD did all of the retouching?

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Activity Score 3376

No. ADs should stick to being ADs. When they start adding skills the focus is lost. Not that you shouldn't be trying new things and learning. But there's a reason we don't do everything. Jack of all trades, master of none.

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Activity Score 202

Well, the "Submarine"-one is very solid, the rest says me "Whatever it takes, we never get there without the help of better services".

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Activity Score 8

you have spent a lot of time to executed this one, the clouds is terrible, a little fake, but the idea much better..

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Activity Score 143

which submarine 1 r u talkng abt?

The idea is SO SO, but the execution is pretty good.