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Nice art-work.

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pIMP MY rIDE thing :D

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this reminds me of this art piece called "phat car", unfortunately i don't remember the artist. i think he did more stuff like this. "fattening" every day life's objects.

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yes this is a stolen idea taken from the "fat car" installation art piece done 2 years ago by Austrian artist Erwin Wurm in his first major show in San Francisco.

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erwin wurm! yeah, that's his name, thanks. but actually i think this car looks funnier than wurm's (maybe it's because this one hasn't been built for real)
i don't know if the whole idea is stolen, let's say this one is "inspired" by wurm's work. i like it anyway, great a d

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This is so Erwin Wurm, you right!

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I don't think they stole the idea, they might have taken Erwin Wurm techniques and applied an insight to make it work for this project. That's called borrowing not stealing. I love this campaign. Great job dudes...

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awesome art direction... i want that car!

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do sth. original, be the innovator, don't "borrow" from other artists

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a very very briliant idea, nice campaign nice visual...

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This is another example of how advertising steals from the arts... sad, sad world. It doesn't even change the concept or enhance it or even turn it into parody. Just plain old plagiarism.

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I agree! this is not a brilliant idea. this is just some art director going through an art book and shoe horning someone elses idea into a campaign without adding anything to it.. rather, it just dumbs it down. sad.