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please decide: print ad or commercial... do not just print the storyboard!

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These multi-frame ads have been popping up a lot recently. And doing quite well. Absolut, the recent Guinness stuff on AOTW, plus numerous other examples I can't for the life of me remember right now.

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How can her view of the mirror change if he wears glasses?

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She cannot see that he's constantly looking in the mirror I guess...

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Ney Frances
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guinness is good casue it makes you wait to understand! but in this case the frame by frame doesn´t fit! no internerds for him

is there life before death?

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Dick Huges
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My name is Dick Huges and I kinda like this campaign. 6.5/10

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my name is not Dick Huges and I dont like you or the campaign

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Dick Huges
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Damn... now I wont sleep. Juan dont like me.

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Boony wants a beer
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Is "juankhr" supposed to sound like "wanker" or is that just an unfortunate coincidence?

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totally cool retort.

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is it a promotion or a degrade of the product?
so now everyman who wear sunglass look like got weird purpose for me.
what a joke that's not funny for me.

oh ya. perhaps i am not the target audience but man beware your gf/wife/watever honey to saw this ad and they'll finally know..

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Hahahaha...pure rip-off and 100% copy of one of Indian TV ad for same product!!! Its seems like a storyboard of that request to all ad brains please do look once indian ads before you crack any idea, we might have done it before you do!

Salam Namaste!!!

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This is just lame.