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June 2011

Print advertisment created by Longplay, Brazil for Capstar, within the category: Pharmaceutical.

Advertising Agency: Longplay, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Fernando Luna
Art Director: Eduardo Basque
Copywriter: Francine Bittencourt
Illustrator: Natan Nakel
Digital Artist: Luis Fasoli

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Phony Ads
Activity Score 149


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Activity Score 1063

unfortunately i cannot give 0.5 stars...1 star is too much

MidasTouch's picture
Activity Score 1024

Déjà vu.

//usevertising v.s badvertising//
C'est une question de vie ou de mort.

Nike Diesel's picture
Nike Diesel
Activity Score 13630

This is soo lame.

kimbaze's picture
Activity Score 102

the sixties are back...

coz i said so

viisshnu's picture
Activity Score 14

Is this a joke?

Sorry, but this is very juvenile.

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Activity Score 4069

I personally don't find the idea bad. Though not the newest of all ideas:-) The execution has areas of improvement. Too many elements in the bottom.


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Activity Score 186

Could've been OK, if still unoriginal, at least a fun read. But it's another example of copy lost in translation. Ick.

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Activity Score 99

Student work?

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Nike Diesel
Activity Score 13630

Yes, but the bad kind.

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Activity Score 3935

no please

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Activity Score 4225

deleted. Thought it was a scam. Turns out it's an agency from an award-winning country that makes original work fantastically often, that deserves every piece of praise, and this piece fully fits into the level of opinion I have for much of the output there.

Tell you what, fuck it, can't un-delete, but this is a SCAM. The agency quoted above does have Capstar as a client. But looking at the work it does for the brand, a Novartis sub-brand, it will always be Novartis-branded as the parent company.

Ivan, you guys need to take a S E R I O U S look at your submissions process. This site is taken seriously by the advertising community. You've just let some student prank come in and damage the reputation of a brand, and an agency, because you're not spending time to make sure the agency has actually submitted something. You told me earlier in the year that you can't spend time checking if people are who they say they are. And that they can fake email addresses.

Make the time. Get a Skype account, spend pennies telephoning them. Otherwise you've just highlighted a really brilliant way for disgruntled people to sabotage reputations.

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Nike Diesel
Activity Score 13630

You got my vote! :)

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Activity Score 53

Bad execution Bad Idea....:(

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Activity Score 28

I thought it was a wanted poster from the anime "one piece."

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Activity Score 3935

this look like a google search image edited with Paint.


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