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April 2008
Canon Print Ad -  Woman, 1

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Print advertisement created by Dentsu, China for Canon, within the category: Electronics, Technology.


Vision first.

Advertising Agency: Dentsu, Beijing, China
Creative Director: Hiroshi Yoda
Art Director: Wenjin Chen
Copywriter: Xianfeng Zhang
Photographer: Lao Bai
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Davosk's picture

Wow, beautiful eyes. What's the product?

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Art Director
elsija's picture

Don't get it. Eyes are the most important? Selling to women? I'm not really sold...

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Drik Picture Library, Bangladesh |

john doe's picture


john doe
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Art Director
FlyingDogs's picture

Don't get this. Anyone?

Goafest '08 in pictures:

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imtri's picture

really don't get this.

are they tryign to mention sthing ab their enemy Nikon, cause i see the RED strip in both seems very like the nikon identity on their d-slr (well who is nikon user will know this for sure)

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Creative Director |

raverus's picture


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Art Director
zpaolo's picture

As far as the red line is concerned, the top notch "L" serie of Canon objectives distinctive feature is a thin red line around the front lens.

Maybe the point here is you have the eyes (tha is the lens), the red line, and black around, like in an EOS with L lenses.


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mrtalented's picture

where's product benefit? i'm lost.

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Creative Director
Big Friendly Monster 822's picture

it's about the focus visibility of the camera...thats y they covered everything accept the eyes..

Big Friendly Mo...
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Art Director
mrtalented's picture

thanks for the explanation. but i'm still lost anyway. if it's the camera with eye-detection technology like face or smile detection, then it'll make sense visually.

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Creative Director
zpaolo's picture

I don't really think eye or face detection will be so important when judging an EOS camera...

The "problem" of this ad is that it's aimed to photo entusiats, people who know what an L-serie optic is, and also how difficult it is to balance a dark black robe with bright eyes maintaining focus and balance.

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the Pun-isher's picture

I lost a part of my life. And I'll never get it back. The client probably feels the same way

the Pun-isher
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all brand no flakes
Big Friendly Monster 822's picture

I prefer the other one rather than this ad. All apologies but this one really doesn't work at all! Even the art direction could have been improved way much more. Sorry guy! i think it really could have been better!

Big Friendly Mo...
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Art Director
Guest's picture

I think it's about the dynamic range of its resolution n colours... black on black is not easy.
overall, i think the message is not really there for others to understand if they have very low knowledge in digital photography

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