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Very nice work.

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arthritic accou...
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works, everyone will get this and appreciate it.
It wont win cannes but theyre nice ads, sometimes thats enough.
And if anyone of you photoshop dweebs says anything about the re-touching or shadows i will personally shoot you myself.
Well done BBDO Chicago.

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Ait talb
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Wow, very nice idea, j'aime bien

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Together, we can help support people in crisis. May be a better line? But i like the idea.

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with a better picture quality it might look nicer, good idea though

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this is pretty elementary. nothing to write home about

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Nice image only.

Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

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So many people for just one old guy....
Seems its very hard to help others.....
otherwise the image itself is nice....

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Why the line is not the same as the one that is in the ad?

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awesome good work

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Jon-Paul Mountford
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This really Old. Okkay it is a good idea.
It's well executed faultless retouching, and I know about retouching but I'm going to refer to my previous post, this one makes 11.

"Is there someone out there working for Vincent Dixon?
That's 10 pieces in a short time some of em are real old"

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matt pugh lcc
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Nice visual

Copy sucks