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if i m d mom i'll go for a first aid with d money i m buyin d candy

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lara, it's a pain to read your comments! oh well, sms generation. :)

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so ivan did u get candy for urself(for ur pain)

well i don't want to annoy any one. Ivan u seem to b d old fish of this ad-world, but frankly spkin don't u think buyin a candy 4 a kid burnt totally....isn't it too forced

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Welcome to the Candy-shop...send me an sms...I am burning Lara..:-)
Okay seriously, what was the objective of this campaign...somebody help..??

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I totally get this one.. and I think the message is pretty darn strong..

Here is my explanation to it...

Imagine that all you people, who said that getting your arm or leg cut of or burnt is too gory, You do
realize that it really happens right?

and let's say it happens to you as a kid, and Mommy gives you a piece of candy to make it all better,
becuase thats all she could afford, how would you feel?

Exactly! thats why, instead of learning to live with pain and eat candy, send your donations to them
so these kids can get real medication.

Manoelle Van Der Vaeren, Laurent Bodson
Art director/Copywriter: Mathieu Degryse, Yves-Eric Deboey
Illustrator : Olaf Hajek

Can any one of you tell me if thats what you intended to say?

and Lara, Please tell me that you are not a copywriter, cos if you are, you shouldnt be!