Jamming sex machine

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February 2011

Guys in the army love sex and gossip. The poster show how smoking can damage the circulation of blood in those crucial thin veins. The poster was designed for army use only.

Creative Directors: Ale Lauraéus, Erkki Izarra
Copywriter: Valtteri Väkevä
Art Director: Maria Fridman
Agency Producer: Peggy Petrell
Illustrator: Dj Neff
Designer: Mark Nurmi
Account Manager: Milla Kokko

Print advertisment created by 358, Finland for Cancer Society of Finland, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

A jamming sex machine? Stop smoking.

Advertising Agency: 358 Helsinki, Finland

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Highest Rated

jackblack's picture
Activity Score 2357

Dear lord.

luispiter's picture
Activity Score 2756

what... jajajaj funny

kalpesh78's picture
Activity Score 2578

pretty stupid.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

rurorjuror's picture
Activity Score 745

oh jesus!

Jupiter's picture
Activity Score 547

oh my! making fun of a serious topic...tsk.tsk. tsk.

commenting just to gather more pencils:-)

tamer samy's picture
tamer samy
Activity Score 681

Poor concept, weak copy writing and very bad art direction..

Master Jack's picture
Master Jack
Activity Score 64

Uh ...

SuPeRfLy's picture
Activity Score 24

Hahahahahaha, what is that thing???!!!! Bad!

SuPeRfLy's picture
Activity Score 24

Probably shoots blanks too!

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 51044

Nothing but blanks....

Duvidl's picture
Activity Score 62

pretty lame IMHO. Doesn't get the message through and looks stupid.

Katie123's picture
Activity Score 3

Oh my goodness! Scary Looking! I dont even think about smoking though, maybe because I am female??

Djenzie's picture
Activity Score 163

bad idea.

Shadow Ops's picture
Shadow Ops
Activity Score 148

This would be better as an anti gun ad...though I'd hate it.

Let's keep advertising fun

cmotan's picture
Activity Score 189

It's not very funny, Ivan.

ivan's picture

Yeah, I agree. I don't like it either, but I wasn't unsure of myself. Sorry

CuriousPencil's picture
Activity Score 4225

Hang on. "The poster was designed for army use only" is an interesting factor here. I wasn't aware that penile dysfunction was something the Finnish army was worried about. Are they fighting a war against bad sex?

This is clearly an ad *for* the army, *by* the army, or entirely more likely, a complete scam. Why would the Finnish cancer society waste money on an ad for such a small demographic?

HappyHour's picture
Activity Score 2381

Definite scam, good call.

morse's picture
Activity Score 18024

I don't like the illustration.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

jackblack's picture
Activity Score 2357

Dear lord.

Rammelasen's picture
Activity Score 71

Way too far fetched. You think too much. The idea is not at all clear. Darn...I find it hard to even give you feedback cause I keep forgetting what the ad was about. Sorry.

johnlocke7's picture
Activity Score 5

Good and simple. The illustrations aren't so good.