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i like the last line hehehhehe

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Love the last line, too. Hilarious.

BTW...I didn't vote for him, that's for sure.

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Remember,... use simple words.

*LOL* I'm not sure it means
"use simple words, right to the point, don't write an essay"
"use simple words, that's what he can only understand"

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---aarthi (not verified) Fri, 2006-07-14 06:49
Those who want to discuss politics should log on to and instead of adsofthe
---functioncreep (not verified) Sat, 2006-07-15 00:55
yeah. get the politics of the page.---

How is it possible to leave behind politics when commenting, when this entire campaign is politically motivated?

May I first say “I am not a huge Bush supporter”. however Guest; “Comparing Bush to the brutal dictators of Iran, Zimbabwe and Myanmar is historically inaccurate“. while that is absolutely the truth “historically Inaccurate” doesn’t quite say it all.

This entire campaign is nothing more than the defamation of the character of the President of the United States. It is quite obvious that insulting President Bush was the main idea, and simply using the brutal dictators of Iran, Zimbabwe and Myanmar was an easy wrap around in an attempt to make this Politically motivated abuse of reality seem legitimate.

Iran, Zimbabwe and Myanmar are countries with Dictators who murder and enslave and torture their own people. Guantanamo Bay is not. Guantanamo Bay is not on American soil it is actually Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and it exists only because of another murdering dictator named Fidel Castro. Look closely at the other three pieces,.....They didn’t even try on Iran and Zimbabwe. It’s obvious where the focus is.
Point: What kind of reactionary value is there, what is left of this campaign if you take Bush out and leave the rest?

Talent-less Scam.

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this campaign is plenty more than talking smack about bush. he's just one of the many rich folk complicit in making life harder and more cruel for all us on the ground.

mind you, we're talking about a man - just a man - in the front of a system that has run wild since world war ii... hopefully, a man who can be swayed by other women and men.

you want to bring up iran? hmmm... who's secret police overthrew iran's democratically elected government (which was, incidentally, run by a man who idolized franklin d roosevelt) in the 1950s and replaced it with a heroin smuggling monarchy? (i'll give you a hint... those secret police are known as the "cia")

where's our sense of history? i mean, really... guantanamo bay is not cuban territory... it's been a u.s. naval base since the late 1800s (spanish-american war) and has nothing to do with castro (the revolution started in 1953) except that, by force of superior firepower, we're able to maintain a naval base on cuba's land with no real challenge. do the math.

politically, guantanamo bay is as much on cuban soil as nebraska is, so blaming castro for gitmo is kind of like blaming the hawaiians for the bombing of pearl harbor.

i mean, really, talk about revisionist history and talentless scamming.

at any rate, i do think it's a little weak that ai was so sharp about bush and really pretty weak on the creative tip with regards to iran and myanmar... at the same time, it is a piece in english and if they got deep, a lot of folks wouldn't get it.

to be clear, i think that's a cop out - mugabe, khomeni and than shwe are all really really bad people... and folks need to realize what it is that they do... just saying "stop an execution" or "intimidate a dictator" is too glib.

ai is off the mark by not pushing the issues with zim, iran and myanmar, but that doesn't warrant a knee-jerk pro-america rewriting of reality. and it doesn't take away the sins of the secret government of the united states...

heights and blessings

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while i agree with most of your points, i think it's very important to recognize that it's not one point you've got there, it's three.


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Puck, Why are you comparing wealthy people to murderous dictators, You said: (----“just one of the many rich folk complicit in making life harder and more cruel for all us”----)

Did you know that the richest 5 percent of the U.S. pay 80 percent of the entire countries taxes?
By complicit are you trying to say Rich people conspire together to cause problems for regular people?
It would take factual convincing to include me in that kind of paranoid thinking.

Puck you said (----”mind you, we're talking about a man - just a man - in the front of a system that has run wild since world war ii”----)

Just to clarify, You’re talking about the office of President in front of a Republic representing the United States America
In no way Puck can an American President be compared to a person who takes control of a country by force, A Dictating ruler who murders and tortures their own people to maintain control of them.
The U.S. President is put in place By the people, to do the will Of the people. And He is not just a Man. He is a Cabinet of People that consist of Leaders in their field, for example: The Secretary of State, The Secretary Of Defense, Five Star Generals from All the Armed Forces, Many Departments like: Health and Human services, Commerce, Education, Justice, Labor, Department of the Treasury and Homeland Security. And still many more.
While the President is the representative power of America. There are several branches of Government your forgetting about. We have a huge number of State Representatives that represent each and every County in every State of the entire U.S. who take the will of the people to Washington. And then we have the
Congress who are also Voted in State by State by every Citizen of the Country And finally, The Senate once again put in office by vote of the citizenry, and have absolute influence on the path that we as a country take. Not in Iran, Zimbabwe and Myanmar will you find such a ‘system’ especially that is created by the people, Paid for by the people, Serving the people.

Puck You said, (----who's secret police overthrew iran's democratically elected government (which was, incidentally, run by a man who idolized franklin d roosevelt) in the 1950s and replaced it with a heroin smuggling monarchy? (i'll give you a hint... those secret police are known as the "cia")----)

Sorry wrong, Your facts are greatly influenced by the kind of propaganda Conspiracy theorists and those without facts are spewing on line all the time.

Puck you said: about Guantanamo, (---”it's been a u.s. naval base since the late 1800s (spanish-american war) and has nothing to do with castro” --“so blaming castro for gitmo is kind of like blaming the hawaiians for the bombing of pearl harbor” ----) Your comparison to Pearl Harbor is pedantic and truly has no meaning.

Puck, Guantanamo bay, Cuba indeed has a Marine Base not a Naval facility, However it is also a Cuban City under the Dictatorship of Castro. Doesn’t sound to me like you knew that. The Marine Base has been responsible for saving the lives of thousands of Cuban civilians that Castro couldn’t give a damn about. The people, who have been tortured and driven into the Ocean on a piece of wood, in the hope of reaching America only to drown, or be returned are the People of Cuba. Bush is not the President of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He is the President of the United States of America. Please tell me, What about this piece has anything at all to do with the other three?

Puck, you said: ( ---”it doesn't take away the sins of the secret government of the united states“.---)
You’re letting your Conspiracy theorists paranoia show again. This Ad Campaign is not about ‘sins’ or unsubstantiated "secret Government" bull. It is about Leaders who are Factually known as Dictators and Murderers. Among this group President George Bush does not belong, and to say so is inflammatory and irresponsible. And further more is indeed Revisionist history.

The only thing substantiated by all of the investigations that have taken place (some for months at a time) U.N. investigations not just the U.S. at Guantanamo Bay, concerning Iraqi Detainees Was a young and stupid Corporal /prison guard. In a photo pointing at the penis of a prisoner while he was naked and blindfolded. (Can you imagine that soldier was put in prison for six years for that) That is not torture it is however humiliation those are two words that have two different definitions.
If pointing at a penis and laughing is torture what are we going to say to all those in W.W.II who were prisoners of the Japanese and Germans? And what about the torture, enslavement and murder of Soldier/prisoners in Viet-Nam? There is no dispute about the horrors that took place in those “Death Camps”.
idt, ----(”A. He is NOT being compared to the other rulers, B. It is NOT about politics. C. It is not about USA. ----)
It has been proven that their has been No torture by Americans at the G.B. prison camp guarded by the Marine Corp. Why is G.W.B being asked to stop torture that clearly has not taken place? If you don’ t believe this ad has a political application May I respectfully say You are incorrect.
When taking an I.Q. test we are shown: an apple, an orange, a peach and a house. Which one does not belong? George W. Bush is the “house” to this campaign.
The One that does not belong. Obvious character assassination.

Puck, idt, If I approach you while you’re in a meeting with several influential people interested in financing your business idea's, and I say “Puck idt, "Here are some letters written to you asking you to stop torturing your employees". Suddenly your meeting is over and the backing is gone...Does it matter whether the insinuation is true or not, or has wrongful damage been done?
It is obvious where the motivation is placed in this campaign.
Sorry so long winded, When falsehoods and inaccuracies are allowed to become truth. It hurts us all. That is the definition of revisionism.

Have a Great week.
\ ; )

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wrote a long post earlier today, but it had a lot of citations in it... i guess it's caught up in moderation. at any rate, this isn't really the place for all this.

long story short, idt's point is that these stamps aren't calling bush a dictator, they're pointing out a few people who are in positions of power in governments which have questionable practices relating to certain prisoners and who may be swayed by letter writing campaigns.

as far as all of your mudslinging, it's really reactionary and inappropriate.

as far as my propogandising conspiracy theory, it's common knowledge that the cia overthrew dr mohammed mossadegh's democratically-elected government and install the reza shah in 1953. check out either of those cats on wikipedia or, better yet, go to a library and read a book - many classified documents relating to this episode in american history have either since been declassified or were recovered from the u.s. embassan in tehran during the overthrow of the shah's regime in the late 70s. it was also widely reported when the reza shah's brother was caught with over a pound of heroin in souther california. his daughter's involvements have been more speculative, but there's some pretty strong correlations there.

as far as the u.s.-backed reza shah's oppresive regime's use of torture, executions, imprisoning political opponents, etc., that stuff all no secret. check out some newspapers from the late fifties through the late eighties.

also, check your facts on the simple stuff - guantanamo bay is most definitely a naval base. further, it's not "guantanamo bay city"; it's a bay that's leased out to the united states according to a treaty signed in 1903 (research the platt amendment) and reaffirmed in 1934. google "guantanamo bay", you'll come up with the website for the NAVAL BASE.

as far as your "guantanamo bay... is also cuban city under the dictatorship of castro" assertion, that's crazy. there's no "guantanamo bay city". there is a city called guantanamo, in the same province of the same name as the bay, but it is not called "guantanamo bay". it's, in fact, a little ways north of the bay, but, seeing as you're not so interested in other details, i can't see how that would thrill you.

further, regarding the 'secret government' phrase... i really should have used different words to avoid offending your delicate reactionary sensibilities, but i didn't. please accept my most heartfelt apologies. i just think it's odd when a former dci becomes vice president for two terms, president for one and then his son becomes president for two terms. it makes me a little suspicious, especially considering what little the public knows about the actions of the cia.

finally, regarding your 80% figure. that's laughable. even rush limbaugh, in his most doped-out brilliance, doesn't assert such baseless arguments (he argues, based on unverified 2001 irs data - before gwb's tax cuts went into effect, that the top 5% paid 53% of the tax burden)... as far as actual numbers, i've yet to find anything reliable (i.e. clearly a breakdown of taxpayer tax burden and from a primary source).

on your last point, you're absolutely right, "when falsehoods and inaccuracies are allowed to become truth, it hurts us all."

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Yes, it was caught by the spam filter. I released it.

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oh, yeah, you have a great week, too :)

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Puck I genuinely hope you’re having a good day. Just a few explanations please. As you may know the Marine Corp is a Division of the Navy. My brother is also a Marine, I have believed (incorrectly) for many years that when the Marines control a base that’s on foreign soil that base is considered a Marine base. I’m told that regardless of the division occupying that base it is still considered a Naval Station. So.. Even if the Marines run the base at Guantanamo Bay and the prison guards are Marines and most all of the personnel, it is still called a Naval base. A technicality to me but I’m still wrong.

You are basically right about the tax figure you mentioned, the IRS says the actual number is 55.8% If your talking about (“Individual) high income tax returns over $200,000” ... I didn’t make myself clear. I was pointing out
“The total gross income over $200,000 Individual And Business/Corporate” (the wealthy). Which equals 79.4% of all the revenue collected by the IRS.
About 64% of all American taxpayers use E-file. No one using E-file may gross over $50.000. The avg. per capita wage in the US is approx. $40.000. The top 5-% start at $200,000 and reach into the 100’s of millions.
The top 1-% (more than 2.2 million taxpayers) start in the millions and reach into the hundreds of billions.
all of these figures come directly from the IRS.

Anyway, that’s enough of that sh** I also want to move on.
I agree with you, continuing to debate/throw mud (a bit of both) is unprofessional and letting it get personal really isn’t doing any good for either of us.

This morning I’ve been reading about the violence with Israel and the Hezbollah the bombing in Qana--and the deaths there.
It puts things into perspective. I’m glad we are able to speak our mind, argue, debate and yes throw mud. Without escalating to violence, without war-like brutality, weapons, Never ending fighting.
There are still controversy’s and disagreement however it makes much of it seem insignificant.

I take my work seriously but down deep I’m a boss/regular guy that likes to make jokes and laugh, basically have fun.
Hopefully we can do some of that in the future.
Ivan does make available some humorous stuff to the site.. even when it isn’t necessarily supposed to be! ha
Once again Puck Have a Good One.


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i appreciate you ending this on a good note.

i also really appreciate your last paragraph... really, what strikes me the hardest is that, deep down, we're all just regular guys... and thinking about all what's going on in lebanon right now, the people who are really impacted by it are the folks are just trying to get through their day-to-day.

hezbollah fighters, israeli defense forces, etc... are taking far fewer casualties and fatalities than civilians on both sides.

it really seems like this is how all violent conflicts have gone down since wwii... it's really sad.

anyways, you have a good one, too.

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Christ - It's only a fucking ad!

In fact, I'm willing to lay good money on the fact that this 'Bush' execution was probably number 4 or 5 in the campaign. It probably only got produced because it gave the copywriter a bit of a giggle.

It probably gave the judges at Cannes a bit of a laugh too when they decided to award it a bronze.

And knowing Steve, I'm absolutely sure he'll be chuffed to bits that he's managed to piss off a bunch of rednecks along the way.

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I love it, it´s an idiot.
I wonder how many americans here vote him. Before talk about your rights starts respecting the rights of the other. THE WORLD DON´T NEED YOU. Stay in home please!!!!

Juan Carlos Jav...
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What an obnoxious ad. "Remember, use simple words." What a pretentious load of BS. The man is really quite intelligent; I don't recall his IQ scores offhand but they were a lot higher than the average American's and thus higher than the average Bush detractor's. I'm sure he COULD use bigger words, but WHY? He has nothing to prove to the herd-like idiots who hate him because it's the trendy thing to do.

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well he is the only person i know that fell off the Segway.

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