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edgy illustrations. a good example of how good illustration and art direction can enhance the ideas.

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Different kind of illustration.

I'm not used to see these kind of things for a police department.

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Cool art direction, but what's the concept here ?, "join the badge so you can shoot people ?" I think it's the wrong message...

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Join the badge and shoot bad guys with guns.

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Arnold Santillan

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I agree with Stigset, it says to me, 'join the force and blow a crackheads brains out!'

Also the Art Direction is nice, but feels hugely inapproporiate, like it should be for an arcade game or something.

It's only an ad.

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agreed, it's like an ad trying to get people to run for president filled with scantally clad women, it emphasiszes all the fun things about the job you hope you don't get in trouble for.

Ad Junkie At Large
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Nice art! but it doesn't communicate the message Clearly even for the intelligent ppl

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Cool! Cops get to use hollow point bullets!

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Heres the thing guys, being a police officer is not like being a school teacher, so political correctness and feelie good should not be a factor. It is a job with a lot of not so nice people, its in your face and your life is on the line every single day, especially in a shitty area. I do get this and I do love these, I guess I understand it better since my dad was a cop for 15 years, he was a cop in the inner city and not a suburb cop, so he didnt hand out many speeding tickets he had too much crime to fight. This shows me that being a cop is NOT a "GAME" and you do get shot at, thats sort of the message I am getting. Great Illustration and art direction.

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it looks great but i still think it's done in poor taste

Ad Junkie At Large
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ahmed ragheb
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Yeah, the art is superb...but the idea isn't compelling. Good art direction can't mask a flat idea.

bright rhino
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well, recruiting gun freaks is a rather desperate strategy...
they don't really seem to care about their reputation at ESPD

nice art though.

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Hi I think it is a good idea to apply this kind of art work with this kind of concept(police occupation). It's very creative and it chance old look of officer print ads .{not talking about message that send through the ads}
However,this picture does not have dominance point, unity , and somnething with compositioning, right? Why yall keep saying that it a nice art work?Can any one give me some idea iam looking for a ads photo for my paper analysis. Thank you very much!!

Personally, i think it cool style though!!

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