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The others are clearer to me. Nothing special.

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Nice ads ..
I liked the first one most .. Maybe cause most of the ppl
Do fear cockroach's then other bugs .. So it speaks more clearly then the other 2 ..
This one (scorpion) is a little bit forced to my opinion..

But again.. Nice Ads.. Nice art..
And i think the target is beeing achived..
makes me wanna go do some shopping in goldie ..

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this one was abit fade out.
if i don't see the other two, i won't get the concept behind this campaign
oh well, perhaps my observation was sux :P

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Scam Detector
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The idea is not bad at all but Indian art direction in general has still a long way to go.

Why does this campaign look like it's done 15 years ago?

The idea gets killed because there is no emotion in this execution to make it convincing.

Indian art directors should stop ripping off visual ideas from Archive that have nothing to do with their campaign-to-be and start experimenting. Maybe then they can take a big step ahead and create something truly outstanding. For now they are stuck halfway.

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i agree with you Aishiteru Aishitenai.
at the same time though, i really like this idea.
its a different take on a saturated category.

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Simple and nice ads.

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bad art direction. forced idea.

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i cant stand these comments that only state opinions with no reasoning to back them up.