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Looks comfortable, nice work

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Comfortable is safe. Safe is bad. Mistaking good photoshopping for a good idea is even worse.

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wow amazing concept good idea literally

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this is quite gross but you have to remember that this is targeted at people in Tunisia who dont feel the same about leather and animals as the Wetserns do.
Most of them grew up with seeing sheep getting slaughtered and north Africa is very popular with leather.

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An idea should not hurt someone's emotion.
Also, the same idea has been used earlier.

Amit Singh

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gross. no excuse for that.

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First look I assumed the ad was about stopping hunting. Made me sad. Maybe in Tunisia this is good, but not US.


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drunk dave
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While walking in a souk in Tunisia I was confronted with the severed head of a cow hanging on the wall in a narrow walkway... to show that is was fresh and had been slaughtered that day. That offends nobody there... I really don't think an animal that looks like a sofa is going to get a single complaint. Each to their own.

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nice art, but i dont get it.

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A concept is simply that. A concept. Without any words on this ad, persons who revere cattle might think, "Oh that is horrid!"

HOWEVER - (For Example) with a PETA logo and a word or two about animal cruelty this could serve in favor of those who are appalled by the message that was simply HOW THEY PERCEIVE the unspoken message in this image.

In some countries, a female with bare breasts are not offensive or embarrassing. In others (like here in the U.S.) People think it is something to be hidden away. In some countries, cattle are sacred. In others, they serve as the primary meat supply for the entire nation.

The truth of the matter is – people utilize animal skins for clothing and shoes - as well as upholstery in their automobiles and homes. The animal may differ from country to country - but skin is skin. Snake skin, Alligator skin, Shark skin are less likely to freak people out, because these animals may not necessarily be well-loved by a group of people.

I do like this concept.


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Big yawn, nuff said.

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reminds me the celullite cream ad dont remember which one
not bad but could be much cleaner

ogilvy really?
make it work

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osmosis viral c...

Buffalo Churchillian couch - ouch brilliant idea, advertising is in trouble & needs to embrace new market spaces, no matter how good a print add is & this one is pretty good we need to embrace new disruptive thinking - thinking like why do an add in the first place - go viral or even create a flashmob !
thanking you for this forum - leon orsmond ( Disruptivator - osmosis viral creative think tank - soon to open in Dubai )

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done 20 years ago..

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exelent concept