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nice photography

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chintan ruparel
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ideally if the bird is in d air, it's wings shud be out, isn't it? like the idea, but a bit foolish to me, c'mon, havn't we seen such 'impossible things becoming possible'...and d same lines - for strong birds, strong dogs, strong blah!

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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Ummm... the bird shouldn't be in the air - it's sitting on a falconer's glove. In other words it's as powerful as a bird of prey. You probably thought the bird was carrying the man away - which could be one of the things wrong with this ;-)

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Perfect. Clear. Nice execution.

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Really like this piece. Works well for the region too.

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I like it, good clear ad. Does exactly what it should. 9/10

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Hehe! That one made me grin.

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today is a very subjective day. i like this one because i love little birds, especially budgies. and it looks like this one kicks ass due to the feed.
it reminds me of the Sylvester and Tweety cartoon that plays on Dr. Jekil and Mr. Hyde. and Tweety gets all freakishly strong and scares the hell out of Sylvester. talk about subjective!

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Haven't this one been done before, ot is this the old original?

I liked it then and still. Solid work!

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good, clean, though too basic I believe

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Dick Huges
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Ok I like the idea. But this idea has been done ten million times for different products. It is the simple exageration. It have been done for cats a lot and for small dogs also. So you guys just did a new execution. But if you think about the idea, it is the same as a lot of others.

So for creating a new execution for a very old idea you win 2 Internets!!! Congratulations. You now can call internationally from your desk phone. Nice!

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Done before. 2003 by Benton & Bowles in Germany. The work won an ADC-Award.

Let’s do something great together.

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esia, do you have a link to the B & B work?

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no i didnt found it online. may be i got some time to scan it tomorrow. if i find the book ;-)

Let’s do something great together.

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lol. nice :D

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OK to me

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One box of this and your pet budgie's going to start whacking pigeons - riigghtt.

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So ...
I was wrong with the agency and the year. the work i spoke of is from 2002 of agency "D´Arcy" and you can found it in the ADC of Germany Annual of 2002.

or here:

Let’s do something great together.

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Guess it's just coincidence. Wouldn't expect anyone outside Deutschland to have heard of the ADC of Germany, let alone be interested in it. Anyway, I find this one a much better execution.