Buddies, 2

October 2008
Advertising Agency: Lew'Lara\TBWA, Brazil
Creative Directors: Jaques Lewkowicz, André Laurentino, Victor Sant'Anna, Felipe Luchi
Copywriter: Toni Fernandes
Art Director: Leo Claret
Graphic Production:: Marcos Pedra
Account Team: Marcio Oliveira, Ricardo Forli, Rodrigo Bochicchio e Felipe Oliveira
Photo: Gustavo Lacerda/ FURIA

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Guest commenter

Increible! nadie se mojó...todos lindos, con su cabello espectacular! su ropita impecable!...
Otro ataque más de Publicilandiaaaaaaaaa!

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Guest commenter

Envidia es una mierda. El trabajo esta espectacular. Felicitaciones.
Seguro este guevon arriba no logra hacer un trabajo como este.

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Se te olvidó poner "ironía" entre paréntesis al final del comentario.
(¿verdad qué se te olvidó?)

It's so easy to critic.

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Activity Score 401

great art direction.



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Uhhhhhhhh abençoadoooo.

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Activity Score 1601

Solid art direction and all around campaign. This will sell I'm sure.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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Guest commenter

Las dos sitacuiones se presentan en clave de sarcasmo, amigo.

Nice Art.

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Guest commenter

Está en clave de sarcasmo la narrativa.

Muy Buen arte.

Very good!

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this is so amazingly awful i'm astounded.

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Activity Score 2783

Concept is not that great. But the execution is so awesome that makes it damn good.


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Guest commenter

Estpid ad for stupid people

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Activity Score 863


It's so easy to critic.

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Activity Score 332

excellent art!!!

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Activity Score 44

Great art direction, photography and retouching.

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manu adithya
Activity Score 82

excellent work. i like it.........

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Activity Score 142

BIG UP !!!

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Activity Score 96

El mundo se hunde a nuestro alrededor, pero no importa, sigamos bebiendo como si no pasara nada.
De acuerdo, el arte es impecable, pero el mensaje es perverso.

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Guest commenter

No one is wet

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mas o dedo dele....

fodona rapah!

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Guest commenter

very unreal, not the situation, but the details...

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elie al attayek
Activity Score 2

good art direction

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john doe
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fun&girls&beer. It's all there. Nice campaign!

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Activity Score 413

Beautiful art direction !

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Someone please tell me how to achieve this look in photoshop. I want all my stuff to look this great. Bravo

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I could be wrong, but the background looks hand painted, not Photoshop.

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I Am Guest

I could be wrong, but looking at the crates of alcohol, the sharks, and the other ad, I would guess that most of the work was done in a CGI program such as 3Ds Max. Not to say that amazing visuals like this cannot be produced in Photoshop, but dang do those CG artists have a great advantage.

However, although I do not agree it applies here, an outstanding visual does not usually translate into a great ad.

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I wonder how much time it took. I wanna learn how to achieve this look to make my photoshop print ads look real.I am pretty good but not great.

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Activity Score 1601

Basically, you throw any photo on top of a worn paper texture and set the photo to multiply at about 85. Then adjust your levels, channels, brightness and contrast to taste. It's really not that simple, but you can achive that "muddy" look like that.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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Activity Score 146

thanks I will try that :)

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Activity Score 38

Absolutely wonderful art, for a hauntingly terrible concept.

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Activity Score 123

i loved the art

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Activity Score 3734

Wonderful art direction > BUT.....there is a great problem with this ad, did you noticed that there are 4 men and only 3 women, who is going to be eated by the sharks???? ...:)

Simple ideas are the best !

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m í t i c o
Activity Score 676

Espectacular producción gráfica !!

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capton john
Activity Score 640

good art direction & execution except the shadow of the guy wearing capton's hat, second from left, his shadow is looking unreal, specially his right hand's shadow.

and I think there was no need to add bird. May be it look greater if there were no bird.

Think, Act, Invent.

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Activity Score 470

Excelente Dirección de arte. Claro que no es una situacion real, pero esta bine realizado.


Life's a Trip. Enjoy the Ride!

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Activity Score 828

Amazing post-production.

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Activity Score 919

Great job on the art...well done :)