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Properly some of you guys will say "been there done that" :) but this is brilliant, my 11 year olde sister, got it right away...

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Probably cos its true.

But yes it is good, as it was the last 8 times I saw it.

We're going to need more lube.

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brilliant executuin and Superb idea!

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ugh ... another "everything under water" ad ...

not executing this idea would have saved more CO.

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I'm jalous. Simply perfect.

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I'm jealous. Simply perfect.

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yessses! that's it! great idea and nice implementation. big praise to the concepter/copywriter! but it's a pity, that it's not a perfect row of 3 ad's. you see reason's for the global warming, at first: a nuclear power station, second: cars, and third you see nearly the same like the first one! okay, it's a factory, but i think it's not much as different to show a perfect row! but i still like it! 1st price!

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fkin brilliant..!

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like the concept ... if we dont stop ... nature will

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OK, I'm getting quite tired of WWF ads talking about how serious this is, and if we do nothing, we'll all end up dead, and nature will act, and bla bla bla. To my concern, these are serious issues and I can understand the demand for ads like these, but there's a point when it's too much (number of ads, and the message itself).

At some point, I agree with George Carlin. The planet is here for billions of years. We are just a thin layer on top of it. It's all energy, and it has it's own rhythm and evolutionary process. Do you really believe that these actions (in this terms) and all these concerns will change the natural course of it? If the planet as a 'being' had will and wanted to get rid of us, a little shake would be enough. He will LIVE and evolve naturally whether we take good care of it, or not. I'm not saying it's bad to worry, but there is a lot of hypocrisy around.

No matter what, I fancy the idea behind this ad. Specially the visual part.

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Say, that's a nice pool!

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Beatboxer, what the hell are you talking about?

Of course the planet isn't an "entity" and will fling us off with a shake. That's just stupid. The Earth itself will of course still be here and evolve due to our polluting, but it will probably do so without US on it. The earth will still be here if the water levels rose, but a lot of living things wouldn't. Yes life would move on. Over time all marine life would flourish and evolve, and there'd be millions more species of them, but no more people or pandas.

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Have Heart
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Good thinking, brilliant execution.

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I'm not really a fan of these. First, the whole world under water thing has been done to many times. Second, I don't think the visual looks all that good, to dark and gloomy (and now you're going to say that it's meant to be that way, because it's polluted and under water and the visual shouldn't be appealing, but i've seen this done before with more impressive photos that doens't look so low res.)
BTW, beatboxer, I do not agree with you, what's happening today with the climat changes is due to humans overconsuming. The temperature level on earth has never been this high, which leads to a rise of the sea level, flooded cities, and you probably know the rest. If people start taking some serious measures we can acctually reverse the process.

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Beatboxer's just another angle: He doesn't talk about the human species - we might become extinct - but he talks about the planet and any living creatures on it. And I agree with him on that point: Pollution won't wipe out life itself. But personally, I'd like humanity to exist some more centuries.

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ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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co-incidently its for the same client with the same kinda layout and look....
man we're all running out of ideas..

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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hey, how about a concentration camp for whales next to the power plant?! and a sunk supertanker next to it. this would pretty much cover up what WTF stands for.

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Grafik Links

this is the future

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------------------------i'm separation line-----------------

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A direct translation supplied by Apple Translation Widget:

"Changes warmly. The consequence looked like very is really serious. .
Before saw a report said, actually animal and so on global cattle and
sheep puts the fart is the biggest reason. That looked like later"

Clearly it doesn't understand The Spanish so good.

Anyone have a PC?

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the art direction is very good but the base line looks similar to the ad which says 'CANCER CURES SMOKING'.

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very very nice