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Activity Score 294

Is this supposed to be a thickness message?

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Activity Score 36

did you ge the idea?

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Activity Score 350

is it good when it's that thick?!

umbee's picture
Activity Score 36

did you get the idea?

antonioC's picture
Activity Score 30

looks wierd. not appealing to my 3 seconds...

gerrit-donat's picture
Activity Score 8

well, it took 5sec, but the special thing is, that the ketchup stays in shape though the bottle is broken. a little copy for the according message would have been nice, though :)

djspiralz's picture
Activity Score 491

if u understood it like that, then there's no need for a copy

gerrit-donat's picture
Activity Score 8

well, for sure. but if a clever guy like me needs 5 sec to come to this conclusion, what about the low-involved people!?

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Activity Score 186

even though i get it straight away but i agree that add a word there will be nice

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Activity Score 2592

looks gross and gory.

and this will take hours of nerve-wracking bottle shaking to get this stuff out of the bottle in the usual way...

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Activity Score 4899

looks like student work. assuming the student has good photoshop skills.

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Activity Score 134

maybe frozen or expired ketchup

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Activity Score 806

excuse myself.. i dun get dis ad the very first few moments i c it.

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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Heintz built its brand on it being the thickest, there was one some time ago that was brilliant, this one is ...nice, good but that other one....

... its already been done...

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Activity Score 24

Looks like a dangerous product to me...

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Activity Score 36

did you get the idea?

Spanky's picture
Activity Score 4899

i'm pretty sure everyone got the idea. they just don't seem to like it. it's nowhere near as good as the headline driven stuff from a few years ago.

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Activity Score 852

the photo and the production its great, but the idea i dont get it, at less that the brand want communicate that the pruduct isnt liquid. wired, dont?


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Activity Score 291

brilliant, i say...

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Activity Score 49

so scary me a bit about da product... it make me don't sure for safe my life

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Activity Score 1894

I like it. It's a change from the waiting-for-the-ketchup-to-pour ads, but it vehicles the same message.

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Activity Score 163

i say brilliant eather. Heinz positioning as the most thick ketchup. Well done have been shown...

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Activity Score 118

i get it at first sight... 5 seconds seems to much....

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