Breast cancer awareness, Sale

January 2007
 Breast cancer awareness, Sale


Art directors: Zaidi Awang, Zarak M.Zain


Unfortunately, it isn't as noticable as a SALE!
80% of women miss the first sign of breast cancer.
Early detection saves lives.
Call 03-7954 0133 or visit
Cleo magazine.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Creative Directors: Yasmin Ahmad, Ali Mohd
Copywriter: Ramanjit Singh Gulati
Illustrator: Steve Koh
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Unfortunately, 80% of women will miss the first sign of breast cancer coz its written in such fine print. especially as a in-store display idea, this is a definite failure. if it was a mailer sent in public interest by a leading mall or clothing house, i guess it would've worked better. even as an ad probably.
dont u think this ambient idea defeats the very purpose for which it was created? people will see sale and 80% and swarm inside the stores gleefuly eyeing all their favourite clothes n accessories when the store manager will supply the overexcited customers (hopefully)with a magnifying glass and ask them to go and see the signage again. and then, it will be awareness in its truest sense.

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