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August 2008

Print advertisment created by Africa, Brazil for Brazilian Press Association, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

The Censorship never gives up. It always comes back in a disguise.
Brazilian Press Association. 100 years fighting for freedom of speech.

Advertising Agency: Africa, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Bruno Brasil
Art Director: Bruno Brasil
Copywriter: Fabio Seidl
Photographer: Paulo Mancini

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Concept used already for the same subject. Artwork...too "plastic", I think that "this ad will pass like a ship in the night".D.O.

Simple ideas are the best !

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Guest commenter

seen this done for this subject too. Still works but doesn't push that idea much further.

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Nathan Ugly
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Good work.

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Good photo and concept too.

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iso 17025

Good photo and concept...

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how lame

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Anurag Sahu
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bahh !! too obvious isnt it ?

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there's a typo too...
"desguise" instead of disguise.

Chan "El Profe"'s picture
Chan "El Profe"

Noticed that too. Can't believe none of them did.

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I didn't mind these, but the type in the bottom left is suffering from that affliction of putting something on an angle just to make it "dynamic". It adds nothing, and does nothing for the flow (in fact, I'd even suggest that it slightly throws it off). It certainly doesn't make it dynamic!

I'd take a guess and say that it's possible they did it to make it seem more like handwriting - in which case, actual handwriting says that so much better.

The idea's probably old, but it still works.

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Guest commenter
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Guest commenter
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strong idea

Beware of Mediocrity

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Turkak ISO 14001

Really look like this one

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Her eyes are gorgeous!