Stronger, 2

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March 2008

Print advertisment created by David, Taiwan for Brand's, within the category: Pharmaceutical.

You have to be stronger! Bird flu, it's back!

Advertising Agency: David Advertising, Taipei, Taiwan
Creative Director: Akae Wang
Art Directors: Brian Chiang, Aska Chuang
Copywriters: Eva Cheng, Ethan Wei

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it cud be better then this

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I'm so glad that pharmaceutical companies aren't permitted to advertise directly to the public in the UK!

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You're half right. It depends on the pharmaceutical but the ABPI is a pretty heavy handed overlord. Of course the reason that pharmaceutical ads are so bad is that they are so heavily regulated. I yearn for the good old days of snake oil and hokum; it might not have been good for you, and indeed might kill you, but they knew how to advertise.

At any rate, these ads are bad. It's a scare tactic, little benefit and poor execution.

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utterly nonsense...
its not creditable... u mean it can prevent bird flu????
i seriously doubt Brands would wanna promise such irresponsible claim...
unless this ads is a sc.......m...

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this is a fukin joke

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they shouldn't have specified birdflu.
"you have to be stronger" is enough.

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