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aaaa.... I get it... no white dots on the hair... deep. very deep.

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clear in the first look...........

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these aren't working. what do these old photos have to do with dandruff? i get that the white marks are not present in the hair areas... but that's a photo issue and it seems arbitrary.

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ming the merciless
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After reading your comment I kinda hoped you weren't really working in the ad industry. When I found out you were I felt a little bit depressed.

If you don't understand the cleverness of this ad then I'm afraid it's too late for you my friend.

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I hope you're not in ad because you're obviously an asshole and an idiot. If you read my comment I obviously understood their concept but I don't think it's clever. Sorry for having an opinion, Hitler. Just because they removed white spots from what would normally have white spots doesn't make it clever. Here's an idea, how about they just show a tv screen with an image of a guy's head with a lot of static, but get this.... the hair has no white static marks! give me an award please?

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but then it would just be all black?

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I think these are good, but perhaps a little bit too subtle, I missed it to start with.

However I think the association with nerd-burgers (as pictured above) and dandruff is a bad one for Head and Shoulders.

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Don Draper
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Subtle is good. These kids today with their loud transistor radios blasting that Chubby Checker could learn a little something from this fellow. If you're gonna sport that new-fangled "mop-top" look, you'd better keep it clean. Mark my word, this young man is going places. I just want to say one word to you son. Are you listening? Plastics!

By the way, very cool ads.

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easy tiger
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Don Draper
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Hey, easy, Tiger.

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art direction is good.. insight is an old one..
similar stuff done for washingpowders where you have a yellowing paper and the shirts are still white as new

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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I love this campaing, clever and simple.

Jonathan Betancur

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Bundy Agency
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i cant be bothered doing any research into this, so as far as i know this is what actually happened

in spring of 2007 in a dusty office in romania, two creatives were sitting around smoking cigars and trying to work out what sort of things get white dots on them. "ah yes old chap, an old photo" one would say, the other would then scribble something on his note pad "we could could just allude to the fact we've been around since the 60's." "hahahaha" they would both chuckle.

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this is ideas been done to death for detergents, facial creams, household products...blah blah blah

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It just doen't feel fresh and new

Strip. Strip. Strip.

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you over used your heads...or shoulders?

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