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the trolls will soon have a field day with their 'done' comments, but before that i'll ask: five landscapes and no bass clef? these are fantastic speakers with quite a bit of acoustic range. this execution just makes me want to turn to the next page of the magazine. frankly, it's boring and doesn't illustrate the benefit.

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looks nice, but i'm not really sure about the message. it feels a little like 'sound of summer'.
what's the connection between the five landscapes? could somebody translate the copy, please?

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The five landscapes are probably stages of the "journey".

I think, therefore... yeah.

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Guest commenter

Take it easy mates! It's a bloody cool ad!

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If this is supposed to be a visual play on musical notation, why are there things that resemble waveforms on a staff where notes would appear?


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Choose car equiped with BOSE speaker, you would enjoy more than trip

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maybe it's just me, but the idea is either too basic or too difficult to be understood at first

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Roger Daly
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Very familiar idea.

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why so mean?

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Michelle G.

Um, one key factor missing... San Francisco, anyone? At least get that right.

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ugh kinda lame

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Guest commenter

The top one is Shanghai. The bottom one is Beijing. But I still don't get the connection.

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looks nice, it's very very cool design!