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November 2009

Print advertisment created by Leo Burnett, Saudi Arabia for Bonux, within the category: House, Garden.

Removing stains just got easier.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Saudi Arabia
Creative Director: Ahmad Beck
Art director: Ahmad Beck
Copywriter: Rana Khoury
Photographer: Steve Kozman

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abhihema's picture
Activity Score 14

i think communication is clear enough... no need of copy... very well art directed...

Guest's picture

Yes! Women at home to sew their husband's t shirts! Nice

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hands doesn't seem of a female


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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Activity Score 7613

i think it works...

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Activity Score 210

the idea is not so fresh but really works. clear communication indeed.

Guest's picture

I think it not clear enough especially for the target audience (Moustapha Mikaty)

hadrianapolis's picture
Activity Score 733

works yes, ordinary....

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I thought those badge thingies are ironed onto fabric and not stitched.. aren't they?

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some of them are ironed, and others are stitched

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Activity Score 4172

This is funny. Very clear for the tarjet.

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I would choose Tide to wash my shirts because it surprise me with its whiteness. With bonux, it hides stains than removing it. I'm not sure how the company allowed these ads to be published because this is destructive to the brand. With the first impression such as mine (mass consumer), it is never effective to tackle such brand in a negative manner. I would agree if the patches turn to white.

r.a.k.a.b's picture
Activity Score 7

but i think it says : REMOVING stains got bonux here "removes not hides"....and i think they used the "HIDING with badges" because there wasn't a detergent capable enough to remove take some notice here..

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Activity Score 6692

for me this would actually be a cooler campaign advertising stickers!

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Activity Score 101

theres a new product for your laundry, a badge that hides stain.

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I think it's a flaw where people interpret an ad to a negative story. We don\t think the same anyways and creatives should take this into consideration not just to come up with something different. But it is ok, life is about endless learning anyways,

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Story is too long to get to the point. Not all housewives are smart. If William Shakespeare is the target, i would say "yeah" to this.

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Activity Score 26

Mneeee7a beck

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Activity Score 3

I love it!!
Finally a practical solution to the stains Bonux is useless against!

SN. Removing stains?!? Easier?!? Patches don't remove stains, they hide them. Have you ever sewed a patch on a shirt before? Far from easy!! That's with respect to the selling line. As for the concept, if you want to use a visual metaphor, find one that doesn't offer a negative misinterpretation. This visual seems to demonstrate what I should do after Bonux fails to remove the stain. It's not a metaphor a bad simile.