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Good idea, but for BIC, long lasting, infinity.
What has this got to do with permanent markers?

Also why waste client's money on 3 BB? I would be fine.

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why waste client's money on 3? > because it's much stronger and more eye-catching than only one billboard. maybe they started with 10 bbs and edding said "no, three's enough"
seriously, i really appreciate that there are clients left who don't hesitate to invest in good ideas.
(i would be stupid if i wasn't)

"What has this got to do with permanent markers?" > it shows the efficiency of the pen. as it is outdoors, it also visualises the main benefit of the product (even when it's raining these billboards stay black)

the BIC infinity ad was unbeatable anyway.

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Desi has a good point. One board, "long lasting" payoff. Call it a day. Nice though, should gain some award recognition.

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I guess they saved some money on one-color printing job.
Nice work though

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I like it. And I agree with all the previous posters... Here's my question. Is this in a parking lot? If so, when it's full, no one will see the product and they will all see 3 black billboards. Which isn't a problem for me, I'm tired of all the ads covering my city, but I imagine it would be a problem for the client.

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i saw some ads with this idea some years ago in lürzer's.
good point though ellehcimeo. maybe they should have placed the marker in the upper corner. of course it looks nicer like this (as long there are no cars parking)

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Pretty awesome.

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But... I believe permanent markers do their job being stable even under extreme weather conditions, but does the print stay black in the sun? If it was there longer than one weeks, I imagine....
It is a great idea though and I wish it was mine.

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6weeks i mean...

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