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MADE in the USA
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Nice artwork on both of these. Understandable depiction.

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We need to see something like that at this time.... Great campaign.

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very nice, simple and straight to the point. Like the execution better than on the second one, more suttle

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I agree. I think both of these are good ads. And they make me want to do something about the situation.

But on a more practical (cynical?) note. How exactly do they want us to 'help stop the bloodshed'? I can't see a website to go to. there's no phone number. no request to sign a petition, or a call for donations.

I like the ads (and support their message) up to the point where I wonder why they were really done... either someone buggered up the proof read when they didn't notice they'd left out the call-to-action details... or, is it more an attempt to capatalise (ie. win an award) on a horrible situation with a topical ad? (if so, regardless of whether these were made by an agency or by students, that just shouldn't be done).

Ok. so maybe I'm being ridiculous. But what ever the case... don't stir my emotions with an ad like this, and then fail to offer me the next step forward (petitioning, donations, whatever that step may be). give me something! most people need to be spoon fed into action, especially when it comes to social issues - myself included.

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You're definitely not being ridiculous. I agree with your opinion. Human beings are simply to lazy. You have to tell them what to do. No one will go and google some help site after this. Terrific ad, only thing missing is some form of contact details.

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hey ramesh bhai... jayan here.. very nice!!!! congrats!!! shanty... well done!!! very happy to see u there

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MADE in the USA
Activity Score 434

Nice artwork on both of these. Understandable depiction.

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Nice ad. This should've been a one-off. "Bloodshed" is more emotional than "Destruction." The burned tree (pardon my ignorance, I don't know what tree is in the Lebanese flag) looks funny, actually. And yes, the number or website of the organization.

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Great visual imagery, on the backdrop of national flag of Lebanon. Excellent for posters, wall painting, and similar kind of media vehicles. Not sure however whether a smaller print medium woul be able to bring home the message.

Perhaps the message line could have been more prominent? Like the Brand name?

Any comments?

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I love Lebanon too;-)
But a much better ad(though not exactly similar in that it's not a call for help) is the Johnny Walker ad exhorting the Johnny Walker figure with the familiar line to 'Keep Walking' across a bombed bridge.

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Superb work

Live with Passion

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really prevelant issue.....niclly depicting the exessive bloodshed in d world.
i think u should raise the issue and you should send your entry to social print advertising award organized in India.
11th International Concerned Communicator Award which is open for entries.

The winner gets to win a cash of US $ 11,000. there is no entry fee for this.

Guess u wud like to try ur chance. all u need to do is fill in the entry form, attach ur ad and send it to
u can visit for more details.