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Its OK, but I wouldnt have get it without the title... Not working in real life for me.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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"I wouldn't have GOTTEN it without the title..."
You must be blonde. ; D

I'm totally with you.

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Hahaha... sorry for that... Argentinian.

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agree with above. Besides this – anyone can read, but not anyone can understand.

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go away from advertising, if you take it very serious

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anyone can read but single few to understand.
Sorryl boys is horrible the art direction,
in addition 80' already was


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Gorilla Lover
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Is this ad supposed to accomplish something? The reader takes away NOTHING. Except a horrible blonde joke that isn't remotely funny.
This is the kind of ad that makes me sad to be in this business. Try harder please.

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i like it, nice idea


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i like it too... dont take it so seriously... just advertising... and it makes you smile

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Got a Chuckle out of me at work.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
At first when I saw it in thumbnail, I thought its something broom-related... but definitely recognized it as something to do with Blondes. ;)
When I saw it close up I saw it was a book. With of course an attack on the blondes' intellectuality (if there is something as such).

Sometimes you have to enlarge the image more to see the real stuff.
Sometimes you still need to go deeper... and try to get out the message.
and sometimes you just have to Enjoy it without any reason... until someones asks you to Wipe that silly Grin out of your face.

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Ross Casanovas
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Not funny.

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But true

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Sway Rose
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Nice... i like, made me chuckle... but art direction can definitely be better.

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i like the way the "hair" flows when you scroll the page :)