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March 2008
Blaupunkt Print Ad -  High

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Print advertisement created by Jung von Matt, Germany for Blaupunkt, within the category: Electronics, Technology.


Clear highs. No matter how hard you play it.

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt / Elbe, Germany
Creative Directors: Sascha Hanke
Copywriter: Sascha Hanke
Art Director: Patrik Hartmann
Illustrators: Mathieu Mazzotti Colombo, Moritz Grub
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Tinglow's picture

Brilliant illustration to support a not-so-great idea. The copy does a good job for a sum-up. I jus love it!

Activity Score 614
Chennai |

It comes just like that!

everartz's picture

guess what: FUCKING YEAHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Activity Score 7613
Art Director |

| everartz |

john doe's picture

don't like the idea
but thanks to the illustration and typography it is still ok.

john doe
Activity Score 1571
Art Director
jazarah's picture

i like illustrations in ads, but not this style, ugly people

Activity Score 1262
512's picture

the world is full of ugly people.

Activity Score 212
Ad_dict's picture

Very bad illustration, The other one with the monsterous figure looks better

Activity Score 71
Creative Director
talay's picture


Activity Score 266
mgemini creative works / istanbul
skeMaMen's picture

Totally DON'T like it! The illustration looks like a child's drawing and that wasn't their plan...

Design with no knowledge about printing, it's not design!

Activity Score 428
Graphic & Prepress designer |

>>> Designed to be signed...

Tinglow's picture

The illustration is the best thing about the ad, perhaps the only good thing. And it is definitely not a page from a kid's drawing book. What is wrong with you? And what do you mean by "no knowledge about printing"?

Needless to say, I think your comment is groundless.

Activity Score 614
Chennai |

It comes just like that!

Wolfgang's picture

What the hell you are talkig about? Guess you never look up an illustration book. For me it does the job. By the way, show me a child who can paint like this, it must be a talent never seen before.

Activity Score 151
Art Director
seiyapunk's picture

can anyone tell me what is blaupunkt


Tinglow's picture

Music player. Largely deals with Car stereo sets.

Activity Score 614
Chennai |

It comes just like that!

Texter's picture

again: cheap award-idea.

Seems like all you guys do is illustrate stolen
ideas and send them in, eh?

it´s been done, already.

Activity Score 35
Copywriter |

it´s been done, already.

Tripioso's picture

I don't get it. Blaupunkt has always been classy, clear and pristine sound. Not Loud. Some kind os Bose of Europe.

Activity Score 470
Art Director at Grupo Wisa |

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