Everywhere's a Venue, Laundrette

June 2011

Everywhere's a Venue
Blackstar Amplification

Advertising Agency: Blackstar Amplification Inhouse creative, UK
Creative Director: Paul Hayhoe
Art Director / Copywriter: Trevor Ames
Photographer: Paul-Michael Hughes
Additional credits: Paul-Michael Hughes

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Nude Copy's picture
Nude Copy
Activity Score 1054

How about adding 3 negative stars to the left of the existing star rating system Ivan? They can be black stars. One negative star for bad art, one for bad copy and one for bad execution. Good ads can still maintain positive rating with red stars but bad ads can be rated by users with black stars.

Lawson Hembree's picture
Lawson Hembree
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I'll give it 3 stars, but only because they used a QR code.