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what's itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt?

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OMG... can someone explain me this?

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creative magoo

man am dying to understand it,pls reply!

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I don't understand this either....

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Got to be something cultural. Chileans pls help!

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hahaha, i'm chilean and i don't ge it myself... maybe it means that there's only 50 cars left for sale.

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Yeah, that's it. The Volvo C30 was launched in this part of the world as 'The black sheep' because of its redesign on the Volvo line. And now, they only have 50.

Man, this ad made me yawn.

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andrej dwin
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or it was a special sale of last 50 pieces (but it's a new model)?
anyway, lovely creatures those sheep.
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Is this an ad for kids?
or are there really black sheep?
Is this ad doing its bit for promoting animal protection?
Black sheep's a negative term, that's ok, but why try a humourous appeal?

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Olly Hodgson

"The black sheep of the family" is a saying that refers to the odd one out. It usually means the rebellious, anarchic one that doesn't fit in -- most sheep have white wool, but you get the odd black-wool one that doesn't quite fit in with the flock.

I guess in this case, there's a sporty limited edition C30 that doesn't fit in with the usual Volvo ideals (sensible, safety, security, family).

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El concepto fue usado hace algún tiempo atrás acá en Chile por Volkswagen para el GTI, el cual en sus pricios llegaba sólo en negro, fue hecho por la agencia Mackenna&Armstrong.

the concept was done by Volkswagen Chile years ago, idea from Mackenna&Armstrong agency

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-ve critic

Cute sheep

wheres the ad?

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I think they're trying to say the cars like the black sheep are approaching extinction. Maybe 'cause the cars are so popular and everyone is buying one, or they're poorly made and the cars crash and fall apart.

I don't know, it's too much to think about for an ad.


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Cutesy retail.
Targeting Mum's or younger women?

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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no lo entiendo, cual es la idea? lo pueden explicar.... ?? eso seria mejor idea !

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The C30 is cool. This advert is not.

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it means that the car rides so smoothly that u fall asleep faster...instead of counting 100sheeps u only count to 50..then fall asleep(:

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no no no, it means there only 50 sheep left because the driver of the volvo ran over the rest lol.

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