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Oh dear.

There are ideas you look at and you just can't get a foot in the door.

Can't salvage this one I'm afraid.

IVAN, I don't get this front page archive.

I thought they were supposed to be the best print ads in the world.

Putting ads like this and some of the others I've seen today are clearly not even close.

Can you please explain the role of the front page here?

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Yes, it's a showcase of best and most interesting (art/copy/approach) ads. Be it tv, press, ambient. Now, what's good and what's not is subjective. If you don't like them, sorry. If you express why you don't like them, it would be of value for everyone.

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You must have to wade through tonnes of material every day, over many long hours. Most of us appreciate all the hard work you do. It's the best site on the net for me. Congrats for the bronze.

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Tim Weasle
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Yeah, and there are not many sites that alow me on anymore. Thanks Ivan.

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I don't like the campaign, I find it too naive. But I like a lot Ivan site! Thanks Ivan, great job!

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Have Heart
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So what's your problem, dude?!

Nice idea, good execution. Funny campaign.

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kool. i lik th whole campaign. smells fresh.however don't knw much abt th product.

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i like this campaign, actually the one betting with horses in the toilet.
but by the way, is it an ad for TV station?

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smack my accoun...
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Personally, I like them. Good clean art direction and a sweet simple idea.

I just wonder if the idea is getting lost on here though? Do people outside of the UK know that 'two fat ladies' is a bingo call when 88 comes up?

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yes, i don't know, two fat ladies is a bingo call when 88 comes up? haha
now i know. ha.

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I think they do in most western countries. Even so it's very cute. The horse one is very clever.
Number 8, shut the gate.

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Ahhh two fat ladies.

I guess you need to play Bingo for that one... sorry.

The people you're talking to will get this I'm sure.

I take it back.

This and the horse race one work best.


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Saw that one coming.
Don't need/want to see the rest.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.